How To Create A Peaceful And Relaxing Atmosphere In Your House And Garden


If you want to make your house and garden your personal oasis that you can relax in after a busy and tiring day at work, these easy-to-follow tips will help you do so.

Make clutter roll away

With all the incoming mails, craft supplies, and toy collections, it’s very easy for your house to quickly become messy. That is why you should consider decluttering regularly. It is a never-ending responsibility because things just keep piling up. Instead of fighting it, find a smart way to hide it.

For instance, if your table is always a mess because of all the paperwork, books, or whatever you place there, use a rolling cart. All you need to do is roll it under the table or place it in the nearest closet. Or you can even toss a tablecloth over it if you have company over. Roller carts can also be very useful for storing and moving laundry from one room to another, or you could also use it to roll food and dishes into the dining room from the kitchen. This way you will be able to take one trip instead of going back and forth multiple times.

Store everything you need within easy reach

Your cabinets might be the messiest storing furniture in the house. Most of the time the cabinets are stuffed with items and those items are not organised in a specific manner. They usually just get thrown in without any order. But, there is a solution. You don’t have to battle cluttered and messy shelves, dark corners, or even catch-all storage to reach what you are looking for. For instance, consider using lazy Susans and placing them inside cabinets. This way you will be able to create condiments that are easy to grab.

Or if you are ready to adjust your lifestyle, try going minimalist wherever you can. Store only a set of basic and most needed cleaning supplies and roll of paper towels under a sink. You can add some affordable paper towel holders and mount them on the inside of the cabinet doors and some plastic or glass caddies for the cleaners. This way you will have all the supplies stored in one place and you won’t have to run around hunting for supplies.

Venture with Colour

Colour might seem like an unimportant factor, but it can actually make a huge difference in the appearance of the room. By adding a simple pop of colour on one wall or placing a statement piece somewhere noticeable in the room can transform the atmosphere of any room in the house. For example, by adding silky white textiles in the bedroom you will create a sense of elegance and serenity. On the other hand, daffodil shade can add just the right amount of playful atmosphere to a family’s living room. Even though choosing the right colour shade can be a challenging task, you can find a creative way to turn it into a game. Experiment with different shades and combinations to see which colour create a desirable feeling and atmosphere.

Embrace the Power of Plants

After a stressful and busy day, all you want to do is to come to a comfortable home where you can relax and rest. Many people tend to seek the nearest botanical garden or a hiking trail in order to get closer to nature. But what you can do instead is bring that nature indoors. The best way to create a calm and peaceful atmosphere in your home is to add plants. Not only will they give a specific look to your interior, but they will eliminate toxins from indoor spaces and deoxygenate your home as well.

Don’t Overlook the Bedroom

Your bedroom is the place you run off from your busy schedule. It should have a relaxing and calm feeling to it. What you want, at the end of a long day at work, is to walk into your bedroom and feel wowed. It also has to be a space where you feel like you can relax and get comfortable. No matter what type of colours you prefer more, neutrals or pastels, incorporating any colours in your bedroom that will resonate with you is very important.

Create Strokes of Natural Light

Natural lighting is very important for creating a natural and calming atmosphere in the house. A stroke of natural light will bring out and highlight the design details of a room. Not only that, but natural light is also very good for increasing productivity, improving mood, and creating an overall positive atmosphere in the room. However, in case you don’t have enough windows to bring in a lot of natural light, consider incorporating reflective furniture and lots of mirrors into a home. The amount of natural light will instantly double and create an illusion of a bigger space.

Add the Right Accessories

Aim to accent your home with carefully chosen decorative items that will enhance the peaceful and calming look of the interior space. For example, try placing candles on a coffee table in order to add soft and cosy-looking light. Use soft fabrics like faux fur or chenille pillows on a bed. These comfortable fabrics will make you feel relaxed. Lastly, consider adding an aromatherapy diffuser to any space you want. Use scents such as lavender to create a sense of serenity.

Place softness at your feet

Parquet is always logical and one of the safest choices for the flooring. Massive wooden flooring is also a good option. You can also choose white or greyish coloured parquets or a complete opposite such as coloured parquets that match the colour of the walls in the room.

Resin floor finishing can add extra comfort to a modern or loft atmosphere. You could choose wool carpets that will provide a sense of comfort and cosiness, but they do require a higher level of maintenance. However, if you opt for a carpet, you will refine your Zen décor. Just make sure that the carpets’ colour goes well with the floor.

Keep furniture simple and natural

If you want to achieve a Zen style interior, choosing simple and clear lines and avoiding complicated details and excess ornamentation is the best way to go about it. You should aim to choose high-quality furniture made from natural materials since they can create a sense of warmth and calmness. You can also paint storage pieces such as closets, cupboards, and chests of drawers in colours that match the rest of the interior design.

For instance, the key to creating a Zen interior in the bedroom is to arrange your furniture in a specific way. You can place the bed closer to a source of natural light. Avoid placing it anywhere near the door or a passage area. Be careful when choosing bed height. It should the one you are comfortable with. For example, high beds usually add an extra sense of comfort in the bedroom.

Also, try to keep your bed decorations to an absolute minimum. For instance, use mohair, wool or fleeced covers and never exaggerate with the number of cushions. Go for different shaped and sized pillows instead. You can have different pillowcases that you can use for either sleeping or reading comfort. Nightstands can also be very useful and add decorative features to the interior. Just be careful and choose pieces that match with the rest of the room.

Enclose your seating area in the garden

When it comes to the garden, consider creating a seating area, but make sure it is enclosed and private. This will create a sense of cosiness and calmness that will help you relax after a long day at work. One of the easiest ways to create this private setting is to use bamboo fencing. It is very easy to install, maintain and even remove if you want to redecorate and change things up after a while.

Clean It Up

Make sure to maintain and clean your garden regularly because when your garden is a mess it can be very hard to kick back and relax. Every time you sit down to rest your eyes will immediately wander towards the weeds, that one old fridge that’s been taking up space for years and that overgrown patch of grass that shouldn’t be there. All of these things will just make you feel uneasy. You just won’t be able to relax and enjoy your time. Take one day to clean up the garden and do the things you’ve been neglecting. Invest in a good-quality garden fork that will help gather leaves in the garden.

Choose the right plants

Choosing the right plants for your garden can be a very important factor in creating a relaxing and cosy atmosphere that you can come to after an exhausting day. Opt for flowers that have subtle and subdued colours and arrange them around your seating area. Leave some other bright-coloured and attention-grabbing plants for some other parts of the garden. Ferns, ornamental trees, and shrubs are also great options. They will create a serene atmosphere.

Choose the right sounds

Lastly, when decorating and designing a peaceful garden, adding the types of sounds that will create a soothing atmosphere will help a lot. For instance, you can add wind chimes or the rustle of bamboos and ornamental grasses in your garden. They will help you unwind. Planting these around the seating area specifically will help drown out the noise from the outside world. They will create a sense of peace and privacy. Or you can install a set of water features such as small fountains around the garden.


All things considered, creating a peaceful and calming atmosphere in your house and garden doesn’t have to be a hard task. It all simply comes down to paying attention to details and seeing what makes you relax after a busy day at work.


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