Top 10 Most Hated Countries in the World

most hated countries

If you are familiar with world history, you will know that some countries are loved universally while others have some friends and enemies. According to the reputation institute, we will have a list of the top 10 countries most hated worldwide. Without further wasting our time, let’s start exploring these most hated countries in the world.

1. Iraq

most hated country

It is in the first place because of its status as too war zone. The very long-running conflict between ISIS and government forces destroyed the country. ISIS do dangerous things and has not been defeated yet. On the other hand, Government forces use child soldiers, which involve looting, torture, and many more things. So, you know why it is worthy of being on the list of most hated countries.

2. Iran

most hated countries

The instability of this country makes it one of the most hated countries in the world. One of the reason is this country give death penalty to most of the crimes. Human rights abuses, nuclear programs, serious concerns, and many other things also made it the most hated country globally.

3. Pakistan

most hated countries

It is also considered the most hated country as it is the only Muslim country with nuclear power. It violates human rights, and secret military courts punish serious crimes by giving the death penalty.

4. Nigeria

most hated country in the world

In addition to Africa’s largest economy due to its massive oil reserves, Africa’s most populous country is among the world’s most hated countries. Because of its corrupted reputation, Ebola outbreak, increase in the Boko Haram terrorist group, government response to humanity, rape, and sexual exploitation play a significant role in becoming one of the world’s most hated countries.

5. Russia

most hated country in the world

Everyone can guess why Russia is the most hated country in the world. The Reputation institute report’s its condition got worst in 2017 after 2016. People in the world have a terrible opinion of Russia. It is usually because of its foreign policy, human rights violation, and gay propaganda.

6. Saudi Arabia

It is one of the most hated countries globally because many people think it oppresses women in many ways. It ranked 141 out of 141 on gender parity among countries.

7. Algeria

most hated countries in the world

Because of its long war history and human rights violations, it is the main reason it is included in the most hated countries list. Moreover, its torture, murder, and many other abuse cases during the civil war span make it hated by other countries.

8. Colombia

most hated countries in the world

Panama papers scandal affects its reputation. Its drug trade and other crimes related to it makes it one of the most hated country. BTW, people like to date Colombian girls.

9. China

most hated country in the world

Many people think it is not an ethical country. Because of its blatant racism and cultural superiority, sense makes it one of the most hated countries.

10. Turkey

the most hated country in the world

Because of its human rights violation and soured related to the United States, it becomes one of the most hated countries all over the world.


  1. Obviously written by an American that hates arabs. Statistically the most hated are USA israel and India. When have you heard of any of these countries killing innocent people including kids? Hint it’s israel. People aren’t idiots you know

  2. So usa who caused major wars and just want to make profit from it not on the list and isreal who almost hated by 1 billion muslims plus millions non muslims not on it either. Whoever made this list is racist white western hates arabs and muslim countries

    • We can not create a list based on a few people’s opinions, our writer did research and found these countries in the Top 10. Maybe other countries fall in the Top 20.
      We are really sorry if this list disappoints you but this list is made according to the reputation institute.

    • In your opinion, they may be in the Top 5 but according to our writer’s research, they don’t.

  3. A faul article with false information. There’s no statistics here, but the truth is usa is the most hated country in the world.

  4. Yeah china is in the 9th spot… The country which created ( yeah its proven) covid 19 which killed and made jobless millions, which pushed certain countries to poverty, a country which commits genocide is on the 9th spot… Because china people from even other asian countries are being discriminated …

  5. The “reputation institute” is based in New York and judging from the countries and opinions written, it’s likely they used public opinion data from Americans or people involved specifically around American politics. If it’s based on international opinion, then it’s more likely U.S. would make it on the top 10 list especially considering the Middle East, Southeast Asian, East European, and South American countries view the U.S. extremely negatively (with most recently Afghanistan as a prime example).


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