Getting Your Garden Spring Ready in 2020


Winter solstice has come and passed and spring is marching nearer with each passing day. Pretty soon little green things will be poking their heads out to bask in the lovely sunshine and brisk, energetic breezes. Any gardener will tell you that the trick to having a beautiful garden is preparation! And that is exactly what we want to do – help you prepare!

Your Own Secret Garden

Perhaps you have read the children’s classic The Secret Garden and always wanted a magical space full of mystery and beautiful things. If you haven’t yet created a little haven for yourself then this is the year to do it as the predicted top trends suggest that secluded spaces are going to be all the rage! Madera garden experts can help you create your dream secret garden! You can accomplish this is in many ways, depending on the intended use of the quiet nook. Build a trellis and grow your favourite vines or creepers over it, grow a hedge, or if you are in a hurry – cordon off the space with beautiful slatted panels which come in numerous styles and sizes to perfectly suit your needs and aesthetic of choice.

Get Trendy, not Spendy

Organic gardening practices have been around for a while but they are becoming more and more mainstream and are a predicted trend for the new year. Not only are the conventional benefits being touted pretty self-explanatory, but they can also be quite cost-effective with the whole waste/recycle aspect. With that in mind, being more conscious of the natural environment around you will help you ascertain what kind of plants and flowers do well in the area and slash that budget because you aren’t splashing out on expensive exotic flora.

Protect and Preserve

Every year we see more shocking statistics revealing extinction and endangerment of species and this year is no different. It is no surprise then that the National Wildlife Federation are urging homeowners and gardeners to become Certified Wildlife Habitats. If your plant choice includes local blooms, fruit-bearing trees native to the area, patches of the original vegetation you can create a secure environment for the local wildlife to flourish. Bees and butterflies, spiders and ladybugs, frogs and skinks, and even small mammals such as hedgehogs and field mice all form part of the ecosystem and should be considered in the plans we make for what used to be their undisputed habitat.

Make More from Less

Now I know someone is reading this and thinking “I have a tiny paved patio, what must I do?” Vertical growing is not just for the pros – even the uninitiated gardener can go out and get themselves the necessary tools and supplies to grow a vertical garden. DIY projects are everywhere and if you aren’t particularly handy with a hacksaw you can go out and get kits from most garden centres or even order online. There is something for everyone no matter if you have a sunbaked rooftop or a shady balcony. Time to get in on the action!


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