5 Reasons Filing Cabinets Remain Relevant In 2020


Digital storage is growing popular with options including storing huge amounts of information in the cloud, hard drive, or flash drive. This is space-saving and faster but it can’t beat traditional filing cabinets in various ways. These come in various features, designs, and styles to match the storage requirements of any business. Read on to discover why businesses should consider sticking to filing cabinets in the New Year.

Not everything can be stored digitally

There are various storage requires in business according to the nature of the item for storing. Filing cabinets are ideal for keeping those items that can be stored in digital format. Items like staplers and pens are restricted to physical storage in a cabinet. These are easy to stash in a filing cabinet for a tidy, organized, and efficiently running office.
An organized workplace enhances staff efficiency and lowers time spent to search for items. This boosts staff morale with cleanliness encouraging comfort in your office. Physical and digital storage are essential in this case with each option ideal for particular storage requirements. Efficient use of both storage options is essential for boosting office productivity and efficiency.

Backup plan

Digital storage is prone to accidents including cyber-attacks and system crashes. The server might develop a problem or someone might delete your data accidentally. With digital storage holding thousands of files, accidents are unavoidable but cost a significant loss of valuable information. This huge set back might expose the business to lawsuits. A proactive idea is to embrace both digital and physical storage. Having office filing cabinet in Singapore is a backup just in case digital storage develops a problem.

Keeping physical files is a wonderful backup in case your servers are brought down by a virus or disgruntled former employee. A quality filing cabinet protects files safely and can withstand natural disasters and hackers. Having documents in hard copy keeps business going on in case of lost digital data. Filling cabinets come with locks to limit unauthorized access enhancing the security of important business information.


Digital storage solutions are prone to hacking leading to loss of valuable business information. The cases of high tech criminals stealing business information for purposes like purported social justice, for profit, or cause chaos are growing by the day. Businesses like banks have vital information including customer account numbers, passwords, social security numbers, and contacts. This information requires the utmost security to limit access by unauthorized people who might use it wrongly.

Any security breach in computer servers allows the wrong people to access this information. This is detrimental to any business. It exposes it to lawsuits and potential losses in compensations. Filling cabinets offset this by eliminating the risk of authorized access to business information. These boost security, protect company reputation, minimizes loses, and gives peace of mind.

Save money

Business digital storage solutions promise efficiency, enhanced productivity, and limits expenses on stationary. However, these are office items that still need physical storage and it’s impossible for an office to go entirely paperless. It is important to have a handy storage option for these. Digital storage options require investing in equipment or subscribing to a cloud storage provider. This can mean an increase in the business’s monthly or annual budget.

There is also a need to install an appropriate system on your computers to sync all entries on the cloud. This might require training office staff costing time and money. Filing cabinets just require an initial investment and no other costs for years to come. Offering a backup solution to digital storage protects vital business information. This protects business reputation and chances of lawsuits that might lead to costly compensation.

Business start-ups

It is a great idea to start up a business regardless of capital. However, it takes time for business to get off its feet. Young businesses lack the capital to invest in most modern equipment and services including digital storage. So, it is a great idea to make use of available and affordable options. Some of these include using filing cabinets. These offer the same benefits of digital storage and more.

With the significant savings from investing in traditional office storage, it avails funds for other business requirements. This allows purchasing other essential business equipment including printers, scanners, and shredders. Additionally, businesses deal with others regardless of size. This presents the possibility of getting hard copy documents from associates that need storage. Investing in quality filling cabinets allows safe custody of vital documents including invoices and receipts. This allows quick retrieval when needed.

Bottom line

Technology is changing the business environment including productivity and financial aspects. However, traditional business solutions are still relevant. Filling cabinets are physical storage solutions in a working environment that unrivaled by digital storage. These enhance the security of important business documents without limit the adoption of digital storage solutions as well.


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