5 Best Porch Ceiling Ideas

Porch Ceiling Ideas

Upgrading your Porch ceiling is as important as giving attention to the 4 walls of the room. It will be easier for you to understand when you will consider the porch ceiling beyond the walls of the room. A porch is a place in front of the entrance or backyard, a gallery, or a space that is an extension of your living room.

Here are some best porch ceiling ideas that will enhance your overall house décor and make it a center of attraction for every guest.

Creating partitions in the Ceiling

Lucky enough to have a larger porch? Let’s recreate it wisely. Have a gas fireplace on a corner of the porch, on the other side have an eating area with well-decorated dining or benches whatever you prefer the most. With the other space left, you can work on it to make a lounging area for your family and guest to sit around and gossip. Honestly, it will look like the best porch ceiling ever. If you are having higher porch ceilings you can add definition to them just by adding coffered ceiling or tray ceiling details.

Bead Board Ceiling

If you like your porch ceiling to look similar to a cottage type you can try this beadboard ceiling design. For this, you have to replace basic wood or plywood with beadboard. It is similar to the grove style but is comparatively less expensive than others. It will provide the taste of architecture and is one of the most inexpensive porch ceiling ideas. You can also paint the ceiling if you want to, painting sky blue will give the feel of the sky while painting it white will give it a neutral look.

Ceiling Design Features

If you are creating a porch now so you can wonder about the design and features of the ceiling. Open ceilings or vaulted ceilings are open ceilings that create the illusion of a bigger space. It is of great benefit as your porch is covered but still gives the feel of openness and being in the environment. Drop ceiling is also a good idea while you are extending the porch from the roofline but make sure to keep options for electrical purposes; for placing fans and lights. Apart from these coffered and tray are also good options which were discussed earlier.


The porch is also a part of your home. Decorate it with the same spirit and ideas as you do it to your house to make it flaunt. To add sophistication to the porch ceiling consider adding crown molding on the edges of the porch ceiling. Use these attractive moldings on your porch to make it look more amazing and attractive.

Ceiling Fans and Lights:

Outdoor lighting looks very passionate in porch designs. Ceiling mounted decorative lights are also a good option if your porch ceiling has electricity support. You don’t need to worry if you don’t have an electricity connection, you can always keep a battery or the solar lights as an option to add lighting to your ceiling.

A modern ceiling fan is a good option to add design and features to your ceiling. Additionally, it also provides air so you don’t need to leave the space in warm weather.


Thinking to extend the porch ceiling or to recreate it? I hope these ideas will help you to do so.


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