Architecture Degree – 4 Off-the-Path Career Paths for an Architect


In all the states within the United States, the first step to becoming an architect is to successfully complete a five-year Bachelor of Architecture degree. There is an optional master’s degree in architecture that can take anywhere from one to five years to complete, and a mandatory internship that generally lasts three years.

Once you are fully qualified as an architect, the next question is, “What now? Where do I go from here? What career path can I take?” While some architects are clear about their career path, there are those who have trouble deciding their next step. If you are an architect wondering about your career path, here are four upcoming professions within architecture that might interest you.

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Sole proprietor

If you want to work for yourself, or would rather head an architecture office on your own, becoming a sole proprietor will let you be your own boss. You will take up small-scale residential projects as such projects can be managed by you alone, or you might hire a couple of consultants and maybe an assistant to help you. Hiring a few people to work for you will also help you bag slightly bigger projects.

Urban designer

If you would like to get involved in the appearance and arrangement of towns, cities, and suburbs, you can specialize in the area of urban design. Today, urban design is a mainstream professional activity. You will be involved in developing visions for localities, designing- from town squares and individual streets to complete neighborhoods and towns. You will be involved in advising and designing of new developments, as well as regeneration projects.

Sustainability consultant

If you would like to do your bit to save the environment, you can become a sustainability consultant with your engineering degree. Sustainability is necessary for the future, and the impact of buildings on the future is a cause for concern. As a sustainability consultant, you will be a part of a large group of architects. However, your area of expertise will be creating a sustainable design to reduce the impact buildings have on natural resources and the environment.

Workplace consultant

If research is your forte, then becoming a workplace consultant could just be up your alley. More than designing, you will be involved in the research. You will be a part of a team of analysts, researchers, and designers who will be involved with matching the architecture and interior design of a building with business objectives, and the growing/changing needs of an organization. Also, you will research on cultures, communities, and corporations, and how these will influence a built environment. You will also be involved with interviewing clients and staff for a new project – understanding their needs and requirements. As well as all this, your purpose is also to get feedback on what works and what does not work in a project.

There is more to architecture than simply designing buildings. These four career paths prove that you can be an architect and also pursue other passions you might possess – like doing your part to create a sustainable environment, helping businesses make the right choices, heading an architecture company, or even helping shape the physical environment of a new locality.

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