Top 10 Most Dangerous Airports In The World


Airports aren’t just for landing or departing, they are the important assets of the country. Most of the country’s economy depends on its airport because most international trading is done by the means of air cargo. Air traveling is known to be the safest way of traveling; until and unless your life stays in the hands of the pilot.

You could have read about the most dangerous airports in the world, but have you ever thought about what makes them dangerous? The landing and departing of some airports are challenging as compared to others. It’s because some airports are situated near the mountains and some are located near the ocean or beaches. If somehow an emergency landing becomes obligatory so it would be a big problem. That’s why the pilot needs to be massively skilled to land his plane safely on a runway.

We have compiled a list of the top most dangerous airports for our amazing readers with complete information.

1) Barra International Airport – Scotland

Barra Airport is listed among the top most dangerous Airports. The landing on this port skips a beat of a heart for every passenger in the plane. It is located on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean and is voted the world’s most stunning landing spot. The high tides and the storm winds make it difficult for the pilot to stable the aircraft.

2) Lukla Airport – Nepal

The runway of Luka Airport is measured at 1,729 feet, and the planes like Boeing 747 covers the distance of 7,500 ft to stop the aircraft. So this means that the big aircraft cannot be land at Lukla Airport. The Aircraft like Boeing 737 can land there but at very high risk. There have been 7 plane crashes at Lukla Airport killing over 50 passengers and crew.

3) Narsarsuaq Airport – Greenland

Narsarsuaq Airport is counted as one of the dangerous Airports in the world. The reason that it is located on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean and because of the severe weather conditions and the ice on the runway becomes challenging for the pilot for a safe landing and turns into a terrifying experience that makes every passenger grip their armrests. Also, there’s a volcano nearby, when it erupts it small particles can badly damage the engine of the aircraft that can lead to a certain plane crash.

4) Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport – Saba Island

Saba Island is a beautiful place to visit it’s in the Caribbean Sea. But the most terrifying thing about this Island is the Airport, which is situated between the three cliffs surrounded by its edges and the fourth side is enclosed by high hills. The runway only has a length of 400 meters and any careless action can take down the life of passengers because the runway begins and finishes at the edge of the cliffs.

5) Kansai Airport – Japan

Kansai Airport is situated on an island in the middle of the Osaka Bay off the Honshu shore. The Airport is surrounded by water on all four sides. According to the research, there are almost 1500 earthquakes in Japan and due to the floods and cyclones, the airport becomes prone which makes it difficult for the pilot to make a safe landing. Only the certified pilots are allowed to fly aircraft at this airport.

6) Svalbard Airport – Norway

There are ice 12 months a year in Norway and during the winter season its unable to see the Sun for around four months. That’s why due to the lack of lightning the flights are only permitted during the day. The runway is fully covered in ice so it becomes difficult for the pilot to land the plane at ease.

7) Paro Airport – Bhutan

The Paro Airport is surrounded by the high peaks of the Himalayan mountains. Turning the Plane isn’t an easy task and for landing on the Paro Airport the aircraft needs to be turned on a degree of 45° angle while defending from the high altitudes. A tiny blunder from the pilot can take down the life of hundreds traveling in the plane.

8) Princess Juliana Airport – Sint Maarten

The Princess Juliana Airport is located in Sint Maarten, near Maho Beach. It is known as the dangerous Airports because of its short runway that makes the landing and take-off somehow difficult for the aircraft like Boeing 747. The aircraft passes on a very short height from the beach and its air pressure could lead the people on the beach to a serious injury or death.

9) Congonhas Airport – Brazil

Congonhas Airport serves the city of Sao Paulo. The area is covered by the huge buildings because of which a pilot has to stay focused while landing. Also, the short runway and the heavy rainfall make the runway slippery which has caused severe accidents.

10) Madeira Airport – Portugal

Madeira Airport is located on the side of the cliff. Pilots don’t have enough space for landing because the runway settles between the ocean shores and the cliffs. The landing on this airport makes every passenger holds their armrest and it becomes tricky for the pilot to land on this Airport.


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