Why Are Gray Kitchen Cabinets Trending Upwards?


Over the past decade, gray kitchen cabinets have been trending positively. Unlike other colors that have shot up in popularity, only to turn out to be a short-lived fad, gray has staying power. It provides as much versatility as other colors, such as white. Its neutrality is a huge benefit, as is its ability to work with absolutely any kitchen design or color combination.

Gray Kitchen Cabinets are Versatile

In kitchen design and remodeling, versatility is critical. Gray kitchen cabinets can be modern, sleek and sophisticated, or airy and warm. It comes down to taste. No matter which kitchen style you are planning, these cabinets will fit into your scheme. Whether you choose a Shaker-style cabinet, a flat panel version, or a more ornate model, gray offers the versatility you need.

A dominant feature of gray is that you can play with the many shades of the color. White and natural wood are versatile but lack the options that gray presents. While still maintaining its inherent neutrality, you can change the entire mood of your kitchen based on the hue on which you decide. Lighter gray shades will lend a warmer feel to the room, while darker tones can deliver striking contrast and a sense of calm. You can even combine multiple tones of gray to make your kitchen unique and fitting to your style. The possibilities are endless.

Gray Kitchen Cabinets are Neutral

One considerable advantage of gray kitchen cabinets compared to other colors is their neutrality. Any appliances that you currently own, as well as those you may purchase in the future, will match with this hue. You can bring in many contrasting materials, as well, including wood, marble, or brick. Nearly any flooring will pair well with this cabinet color. Gray cabinets will complement any countertops you have in mind for the kitchen of your dreams.

With the neutral backdrop that this cabinetry color provides, you can incorporate myriad accents, color schemes, and stylistic touches. If you can envision it, this tone will help your dream become a reality. Utilizing gray kitchen cabinets can complete any style. Whether you are planning on a traditional kitchen, a modern kitchen, or something in between, you can make it work beautifully. You can help create a country-cottage look with lighter hues of gray, a sleek urban style with darker tones, or you can play around with different-colored stains and finishes to create a customized look.

There is another reason for the upwards trend. While white has been a dominant color for kitchen cabinets, there is a drawback: a drawback that gray does not have. It is apparent immediately when white cabinets become dirty or stained; gray cabinets do not show these faults.


People are beginning to see the advantages of gray kitchen cabinets. They have the benefits of being versatile and neutral and don’t show stains or flaws easily. By choosing gray color custom kitchen cabinets, you can achieve any kitchen design or remodel goal that you can imagine.


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