Smart Ways to Save Space in a Small Home

Small Home

Are you considering shifting to a bigger house or renovating your home because the space seems small?

Before you make any costly moves, check out the tips and hacks below to help create more space in your small home.

Make use of a twin bed

If you live in a studio apartment or your house has a small bedroom, then a twin bed with storage can help you make the most of the small space. Most twin beds with storage platforms have sets of drawers under the bed and in the footboard. Such a bed provides enough space to store any extra pillows, blankets, or sweat shirts, thereby clearing up the room and making it look more spacious.

Maximize storage

A small home or apartment usually has limited storage space. Therefore, it is important to maximize the storage space you have. You can do so by installing shelves and cabinets in your kitchen, bathrooms and bedrooms. In the kitchen, you can install shelves above the kitchen cabinets to store extra plates, cups and kitchen utensils.

This will help you save on space and free up the countertop for other purposes. You can also install microwave shelves to store items that are used frequently.

Use the vertical space

Vertical space is a valuable space that can be utilized to increase the storage capacity of your small home. You can install cupboards and shelves on the walls in your bedroom, bathroom and kitchen.

You can also hang organizers on the walls to store items such as clothes and accessories. This will help you save space in your bedroom and free up the floor space.

Take advantage of cabinet space

Did you know that aside from storing wine collections and cooking essentials, there is so much more you can use your cabinet space for? You can also place the appliances in the kitchen inside the cabinets to create more room on the countertops.

If your cabinets are not designed to store more stuff, you can get creative by installing sliding drawers in the cabinets to make more storage room. We also recommend that you place the kitchen trashcan inside the cabinet. It will make the room appear cleaner and more spacious, while keeping the garbage out of sight.

Use pull out tray tables

Perhaps your house does not have enough room to add a dining table. Worry not because pull out tray tables can help to create a customized eat-in kitchen area while keeping your room spacious at the same time. You can install the sliding tray table in the living room or kitchen, depending on your preference.

Any time you want to have dinner, all you have to do is pull up a chair and slide out the table. If you work from home and do not have a home office, the tray table can come in handy as well. Every time you need to work, just pull out the table, set your laptop on it and get to work. When you are done, push back the table and create space for more activities in the room.

Hang cooking ware on the wall

If the kitchen cabinets are too small to hold the cooking ware, we recommend you get creative and set up a wall unit that will not only display your latest copper cookware, but also store them. All you have to do is use the open wall in your kitchen to create a wall mounted storage unit where you can hang the pots and pans instead of setting them on the kitchen counter tops. This will make the kitchen more spacious and display your matching sets of pots and pans.

Multipurpose furniture

One of the easiest ways to create more space for your home is by multipurposing furniture instead of adding more furniture. For instance, if you like working from your bedroom, you may feel the need to have both a bedside table and a working table.

However, you can use a single furniture for both tasks and create more space in your room. In this case, a single table in your bedroom can act as both the bedside table and working table, to create more room space.


Which of the above ideas will you use to create more space in your home? Reach out to us today and let us know which hack was most useful to you. Do you have other tips to create space at home? Give us a call today and share your tips and tricks with us as well.


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