5 Best Wool Hats for Men

Wool Hats for Men

When the temperature goes down low, you would think that you need to bundle up. This is also around the time that you should start planning your outfits. Of course, you wouldn’t want to be shivering in your brand new summer look, right?

Pick the right outfit according to the season. During cold days, you would want to turn to clothes for the winter season. Of course, you would also want to stay warm from head to toe.

What better way to stay warm than choosing the best fabric to keep you protected from the cold? A hundred percent, without a doubt, wool is the best fabric for this. So, to help you out, here are the five best wool hats for men.

How Warm Is Wool?

how warm wool is

Before we continue on to recommending men’s wool hats that you can rely on, let’s find out how warm wool is. This is also so you can be aware that the material you’re investing in can be used for a long time.

In all honesty, wool is not for all kinds of activities in the cold. However, it warms you well enough if you’re just doing normal tasks like going to the office. It prevents the cold from penetrating your skin. This is because wool is a natural insulator and water-resistant.

5 Recommended Men’s Wool Hats

1. Monarch Red Bottom Brim Wool Fedora

Best Wool Hats for Men

The Monarch Fedora by Bruno Capelo is known for its classic and sophisticated red bottom brim. Among other red bottom hats, the Monarch is made by hand with luxurious and pure Australian wool. This beautiful wool is soft on the hands but also comfortable and breathable.

So, whether the season calls for winter or summer clothes, this is one of many red bottom hats you would want. Plus, it’s made by Bruno Capelo, who is famous for his hats.

2. Chap Wool Flat Cap

The Chap Wool Flat Cap is made with different patterns that you can have your pick with. It is a newsboy style flat cap with a mini bill and a big crown top. It also has a button in its center.

3. Kayden Hand-dyed Wool Pinch Front Fedora

Wool Hats for Men

A favorite among men’s wool hats, the Kayden Hand-dyed Wool Pinch Front Fedora is a classic. It has a camouflage pattern that makes it a treat for the eyes. It is also made with a satin lining and cotton sweatband.

4. Wool Seamless 507 Ivy Cap

Best Wool Hats

The Wool Seamless 507 Ivy Cap has an ergonomic fit that was seen in the old 504 caps. Its comfortable fit is comparable to a baseball cap. It was also created from seamless knitted blocked wool fabric.

5. Wool Casual Bucket Cap

Best Wool Hats for Men

Perfect for the trends right now, the Wool Casual Bucket Cap is in season too. This cap is knitted with wool felt and modacrylic. It also has no seams and is lined with an embroidered kangaroo logo.

Is Wool Hat Right for Me?

Wool is an in-demand fabric to protect people from the cold. So, if your aim is to rock winter fashion and stay warm, then wool is right for you.

But don’t just settle for cheap wool if the budget allows it. Your best bet is to get 100% Australian wool for amazing coverage and style. Get your own men’s wool hats just in time for winter!


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