Planning the interior decoration of a new home

interior decoration

Owning a house can be a matter of extreme joy as it is something that acts as a living example of your success and all the hard work you did to reach this level. When you think about it, your heart may fill with abundant happiness. While it is undoubtedly a possession to behold for the rest of your life, the thought of decorating it can overwhelm all your excitement. You would want to give it the best look by adding a touch of your personality in its every nook and cranny to establish your proud association with it.

If you achieve this, your home will become the most comfortable sanctuary. Similarly, you can imagine the worst when done poorly. What can lead to this? The incoherent choice of colors, fabrics, and furniture can be the main reason for such a disaster. All this is avoidable with a bit of planning, though. You can also listen to the interior designers‘ advice and follow it to ensure better luck with your efforts. Here are some design suggestions to help you approach this job with peace of mind in this context.

Shopping for furniture

As they advise avoiding grocery shopping on a hungry stomach for the risk of choosing unhealthy food to eat, the designers say that you should not run into a furniture store just because you don’t have anything in your home. Having a sofa and other items is necessary. But if you do it in a hurry, you can pick something without considering crucial aspects, such as its size, the space and appearance of the room, and so on.

Once you book anything, you get stuck with your selection for a long time. Instead of buying things around your room, you will have to build everything around what you purchased, for example, a sofa. If it doesn’t fit well, you will regret your decision for the rest of the life. Hence, it is better to learn about the room dimensions first.

Measuring space and furniture items

Furniture size should match the space in the room. Suppose you put a deep sectional sofa in a small room and svelte chairs in a spacious loft. While the previous choice will stick out as an eyesore, the other will remain unnoticeable for its near-invisible presence. That’s why knowing the room dimensions is a must before you attempt to decorate it. And when you do this, you should note all the elements, right from ceilings to columns to staircase to other things. Do tape the window openings and the wall surrounding them. It would help you buy window coverings.

According to experts, new homeowners often commit some common mistakes, including buying the disproportionate sofa, small tables, oversized desks for a room and doorways, etc. All these are easily avoidable if you have the proper measurements.

Working on a floorplan

You can either choose a traditional or modern way of doing this. If you are old school, pick a pencil, ruler, and paper to draw a floorplan. For people with advanced skills, using design software can be comfortable. And if you want a simple yet faster method, choose apps that let you build a simple floorplan. Some progressive apps can even produce automatic measurements through your phone camera. Nevertheless, it is better to double-check them. When you get the clear demarcations, please proceed with the selection and positioning of furniture pieces as per the available space.

Deciding lifestyle choices

With the necessary metrics in your hand, it would be convenient to focus on your preferences a bit more. You can visualize your room having a traditional, formal, urban, peaceful, warm, or calm vibe. You have to decide what matters the most. Simultaneously, considering other factors, such as the total number of family members, including kids, living in the same house, is essential.

If you enjoy entertaining guests at home at elaborate parties, your décor style would be different. And if you like to have your food outside, your choices would again be unique. Similarly, someone who has to organize fundraising events at home and someone more interested in spending a relaxing day at home would have distinctive demands from their home décor. So, you need to think and plan accordingly. And it is not just about the overall feel of the house. Every single component is going to come together to create a perfect design for your needs. For example, if you are a busy cook, sinks styles inspired by a farm theme can be more suitable for their deep bowl and ergonomic features.

Take a cue from different sources

Since decorating a home is not a small job, it can feel helpless sometimes, even with professional guidance. You may doubt if you can express your choices rightly. To avoid such a situation, you can refer to home improvement ideas on different platforms, such as Pinterest, Instagram, etc. You can select designs that resonate with your taste and get them customized if needed. Just make sure when going through them, you check all the details correctly. From the color palette to the type of furniture and their placement, you have to focus on everything.

Fix a budget

Without this, you can end up spending a large sum of money on an expensive something and struggle to manage the rest of the essential things. So being strategic with how you splurge is critical. It doesn’t mean you cannot make an exception. Yes, you can, but not without proper analysis of the impact. If you increase your expense on one side, you have to control it somewhere else.

When you work on the interior design of your new house, you may face multiple challenges. But thoughtful approach and choices can eliminate a lot of risks of going wrong. For example, you can start adding furniture and other items once ceiling, wall, and flooring work completes. It can help you avoid the mess. Or, if you don’t have any other option, you must seal everything well to protect them from damage. To be precise, your careful decisions can make a difference in this entire journey.


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