8 Things Your Choice Of Blinds Say About You

Choice Of Blinds

Everyone has their favorite details about their homes. Suppose you’re especially interested in home interior design. In that case, you probably have an eye for even the most minor features. But even if you’re new to it, you probably already have your taste and vision of what you want your home to look like.

Some critical parts of any home are windows since they can help with lighting, temperature control, and sound insulation. However, it can also make a big difference aesthetically, especially if you consider the choice of frame, casing, trim, shutters, or whatever it is you have on your windows. Whatever kind of window you have, one easy way to dress it up and make it more functional is to install blinds.

Unlike shutters, blinds are easier to put up or remove. But they’re not like curtains that you can replace every other week. Blinds are one of the best choices for most homeowners because of how practical it is. They’re sturdy, they can make controlling light more manageable, and they’re much easier to clean than curtains. Besides, there are so many to choose from, and you can adapt it to the interior design you have going inside your home.

And just like most interior designs and architectural styles, your choice of blinds will reflect a lot about your personality and the mood you’re going for. It becomes even more apparent when the blinds are seen with the rest of the room it’s a part of. For instance, you can choose different blinds for the bathroom compared to the rest of your home. Or you can even use the same ones for a sense of consistency.

People have unique tastes, and they can showcase this in how they dress or decorate their homes. When you look at your home, do you think it’s able to express your personality? If so, then you’re probably pleased about its outcome. But if you aren’t entirely satisfied, you probably have a list of things you want to change or improve on. And would you believe that even your choice of blinds can say a lot about you? The truth is, most decisions and tastes say a lot about a person, even if it’s an unconscious choice. So, this means even your blinds can make a statement about you. If you’re curious about what your blinds say about you, you can find them out below.

1. Venetian Blinds for The Laid Back

Venetian blinds are probably the most popular of their kind. If this is the kind of blinds you like or have in your home, you’re probably laid back and easy going. You’re not too fussy about minor things, and you make the most out of everything. Just like Venetian blinds, you’re also straightforward and also adaptable, so you can feel comfortable in any setting without losing your character.

2. Mini-Blinds

Just like anyone who chose Venetian blinds, you love simplicity but with slightly more elegance. There’s often a misconception that simplicity is boring, but it’s the opposite. Understated elegance has always been a modern standard, even with fashion. Just think about how Givenchy designed Audrey Hepburn’s simplistic but high fashion outfits. Those clothes had architectural tones to them if you think about them, which can be easily likened to pieces in your home, such as blinds. The narrower slats exude a more delicate touch, but it also comes with more lines which adds more harshness to balance it out.

3. Micro Blinds

If you thought mini-blinds had small slats, then wait till you see micro blinds. Anyone who likes micro blinds enjoys texture and pattern. You probably have a very analytical mind that wants to see activity and liveliness around you. The geometrical aspect of these blinds is highlighted by the many parallel lines that micro blinds create. It’s incredibly satisfying to see, and it makes pretty impressive shadows in the room too.

4. Vertical Blinds

Those who chose vertical blinds can be likened to black sheep. While horizontal blinds are the usual go-to choices of most people, vertical blinds are for non-conformists. While vertical blinds can let the sunshine in your home in a bit of an odd angle, it still does the job. But just because it’s not what most people are used to doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have its charms. It’s undoubtedly an excellent choice for anyone who prefers larger slats, but most of all, it’s for those who want to break free from ‘normalcy.’

5. Panel Blinds

If vertical blinds are still too basic for you, then panel blinds are indeed a huge step up. The large panels of the blinds that move from side to side aren’t often used, but it makes a huge impression when you see it. And this is probably what defines the homeowners who have panel blinds installed in their homes. If you have this, you enjoy making an impression, but you don’t have to try too hard. You’re just naturally attractive, elegant, and easy to be around. You’re just like panel blinds; you can catch people’s attention without making a scene.

6. Smart Blinds

Smart blinds are incredible pieces that are pretty new. The use of technology for blinds is efficient because rolling up blinds manually can be such a chore. There are other automated blinds, but smart blinds take it a step further. If this is your choice of blinds, then you’re fearless and adaptive. When it comes to working, you’re probably one who works smart instead of hard. You’re innovative, intelligent, and probably not a fan of frills and ruffles.

7. Roman Blinds

Roll out the red carpet because if there’s any word to describe Roman blinds, it’s ‘dramatic.’ And that’s precisely what you are, and you’re not apologetic about it at all. If Freddie Mercury could be any type of blinds, then this would be it. The famous singer was flamboyant, theatrical, romantic, and glamorous, and those are words that describe you, too!

8. Wooden Blinds

Wooden blinds are last on the list, and that’s probably something you’re okay with. If anything, those who like wooden blinds don’t like being the center of attention. They’re confident and know their gorgeous attributes, but they tend not to flaunt them. Instead, they prefer when those with a keen eye appreciate minute details about them. Wooden blinds may look plain at first, but when you study them closely, they’re probably the most alluring choices that will remain fashionable no matter what era.


There are so many things that could reflect your personality, but who would have thought that blinds could do it? But even if your choice of blinds says something about you, it also depends on how you decorate your whole home. So, make sure that however you choose to furnish and spruce up your home, you stay true to your identity, even down to minor details.


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