5 Typical Kind of Window Shutters

Window Shutters

Whether for the exterior or interior, you can use a variety of shutters on your windows, depending on your preference and taste. Unlike curtains and blinds, they provide a more advanced sense of luxury and security to your home.

Different people choose a different type of window shutter for a different purpose. Every kind of choice has its benefit, so it can be overwhelming when trying to pick the best kind of window shutter for your house. Here is a breakdown of the different kinds you can get a window shutter in;

1. Tier-on-Tier Shutters

They cover the whole window and offer unique freedom to any homeowner by giving them the option to either open the upper part or lower part depending on their preference. By opening the upper part, you get the adequate light you need and privacy on the lower part.

When they are close, they give an appealing aesthetic of having your window look like it has more solid timber. This is as a result of how the lower and top panels meet. They are very suitable for any angle bay windows due to their versatility.

With tier-on-tier window sets, you’re guaranteed that each of your windows is treated as independent panels. This ensures that they provide the desired privacy for any homeowner while also meeting their unique requirements.

2. Wooden shutters

As far as windows are concerned, these are the classics. They provide a very appealing look and feel suitable for different preferences. Any wooden shutter can be painted to match the color of the room it’s been installed in.

This makes them very convenient for any home. Another advantage is that they can reduce the heat loss of any house by 75% by providing needed insulation that ensures that heat is maintained inside the house.

If you’re looking to resell your home after renovation, they can add value to your home. This is because buyers view them as both aesthetically pleasing and energy-efficient.

They can also be easily crafted to fit any shape of your window while maintaining a lasting and beautiful look to your home.

3. Vinyl shutters

They give almost the same appearance and feel that wooden ones give but at a lower cost. Since they don’t easily absorb moisture, they are suitable for the rooms in your house that absorb more moisture than the rest, such as the kitchen and bathrooms.

They are easily customizable too. You can paint them to any color you prefer. They can be recycled if need be. They are also low-maintenance as they only require a simple wipe if they accumulate any dust or dirt on them. They are more durable and also suitable for any room in your house.

4. Blackout shutters

They are mostly suitable for rooms that require almost total darkness, such as the nurseries, bedrooms, and home cinemas. They provide total privacy while also minimizing the amount of light that can enter a certain room in your house.

Each blackout shutter can be adjusted to control the amount of light required and also protect those inside from UV light. They are perfect for the night workers who want to maintain their privacy.

They also provide much-needed insulation for any room in the house that saving energy loses. If you’re worried about any light damaging your furniture equipment, they are a perfect choice.

5. Shaped shutters

They are suitable for a variety of sizes and shapes of a window. Whether your window is triangular, rectangular, circular, or arched in shape, they can be designed to fit these shapes. Since they are mostly wooden, you can choose if you need hardwood or softwood.

They also offer the option to paint them to any color preferred by the homeowner. This means you get to keep that classic look you require for your home while also showing out the shape of your windows. They can also be fitted to ensure that you can choose whether to open the lower or upper part of the windows to fit any weather changes.


The above-listed examples are a few examples to help you to design your windows according to your house color, preferences, and purpose.


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