Property Privacy Ideas for Your Home


A home cannot be called home unless you can unwind inside it, unhindered by the outside world. This includes coming home after a long day at work, stripping all your clothes and singing with a glass of wine in your hand in front of the mirror. In order to be able to act all goofy inside your home, there must exist a high level of privacy. See-through curtains are a thing of the past as there are several property privacy ideas that will turn a home into a refuge from the world (and the noisy neighbor in particular).

Erecting a green fence

We all know that our property should serve as a refuge from nosy neighbors, busy outside world, and the general hum and buzz of the busy streets.

The first line of protection of your privacy and safety is the property fence. Instead of a chain-link fence that is hazardous for the kids and provides virtually no privacy go for a wooden barrier. It is made from individual planks that obstruct the view but more importantly, it can be decorated with greenery. Climbers and vines will add extra privacy to your backyard and act as an eco-barrier between you and the traffic outside. Plantlife will reduce noise pollution and stop the dirt from entering the yard.

This is how we can conclude that plants are a popular way to protect privacy because they’re perceived as being and they look more natural and gentle than walls or fences.

Landscaping along the fence

Instead of climbers, you can plant low trees and shrubs along the edge of the fence on the inside. This also established a barrier that will last all year long if you plant evergreen trees. However, landscaping for the sake of privacy requires a large property because all those trees, shrubs, and plants require a lot of space to grow.

Furthermore, there is the issue of maintenance since plant life has to be trimmed and cleaned regularly. The last thing you need is an overgrown yard with plenty of secluded spots for burglars to lay low in.

Installing a security camera

Video surveillance in the form of CCTV is usually associated with home security but you benefit from increased privacy as well. Apart from detecting unwanted guests on your front lawn while you are absent, security camera footage will actually reveal how private your property is. It is if you are given a chance to watch your home through someone else’s eyes, thus realizing the downsides of your measures to increase property privacy.

Installing window awnings

When the interior of your home is concerned, the only way outsiders might find out what’s happening inside is to look through the window. This is where traditional window awnings come into play, as all you have to do is lower them to enjoy maximum privacy. Furthermore, retractable folding arm awnings are made from a durable canvas that can withstand the strongest of storms and wind gushes. Once the awnings go down, you can be sure that no one will be able to peer inside your house. You can also hire interior designer to design windows for you.

Fighting noise pollution using a fountain

All the fences and window awnings in the world cannot stop the pesky noise coming from the street. Noise pollution is a real problem in urban settlements so you need to address this issue if you want total privacy. An outdoor fountain, regardless of its size, will you to take nap in a hammock after a long day despite the honking and beeping going on outside. Namely, the sound of running water will cancel out

The legal aspect of privacy

Just as there are laws protecting a person’s right to privacy, there is also legislation regulating building matters. Checking the local building codes before you start building house improvements like the aforementioned fence and even window awnings in some cases, is the smart way to go. Furthermore, local regulations can relate to landscaping as well so be sure to check whether your attempts to increase property privacy are in accordance with state regulations. You’ll be surmised to find out that in some places like in Geelong, Australia, even the height of a residential fence is proscribed to the meter.

A friendly sit-down with your neighbors

Before you start raising the height of the outer perimeter fence, it is worth the shot to try and talk to your neighbors first. Express any concerns regarding privacy and let them do the same. After all, adjoining suburban lots share a fence in many cases, so cooperation between neighbors is essential. What good will it come from a high fence or trees alongside it if neighborly relations deteriorate? Be sure to inform your first-door neighbors about your plans to increase property privacy so they are not kept in the dark.

Dimmed lights

Many people believe that skipping to turn on the lights at night will make them invisible. Not only is this tactic ineffective (streetlight anyone?) but you risk hitting your pinky against a hard object and that hurts like hell! Instead of wading through the dark, try to dim the lights or even get one of those multicolored LED light bulbs. This way, the strength and quality of indoor lighting will allow you to see in from of you while the people on the outside will still be unable to discern what goes on inside our home.

You might come up with other ideas to increase the level of privacy in your home but these 8 methods are the most basic ones. Remember, property privacy includes both the inside of the house, as well as the outdoor living space.


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