8 Popular Air Conditioning Systems

Air Conditioning Systems

When the summer starts, the first thing that you do is invest in a good air conditioning system. There are various options available in the market. If it is summer, you cannot really do with only a single fan now. Also, considering the pandemic situation where you have to stay home for the maximum period of time, it becomes very tiresome in summer when you do not have an air conditioner installed. In this blog, we will discuss some of the best cooling systems available in the market.

1. Central AC System

If you are looking for uniform and efficient cooling of the entire space, you must invest in a centralized cooling system. These are low on maintenance and highly efficient cooling systems. Moreover, if you compare the cost in the long-term usage, then centralized AC systems are a cost-effective solution. But, the initial cost of setting up this system is high.

The working of this system is very simple. It consists of a central cooling system and a cooling compressor. The warm air goes out, proper filtration is done and outlet lets the hot air out to keep your room cool.

2. Portable Air Conditioner

Many times, you don’t have the provision to install the AC, and in such cases installing a portable air conditioner is a good option. This AC offers efficient cooling, and you can easily move to different rooms without any trouble. It is easy to carry them from one place to another.

3. Ductless Split System

Although the centralized AC systems are very popular, sometimes you have to look for other alternatives. One of the popular options that you can count on is the ductless split system or split air conditioners. The ductless system can be accommodated in office or in the domestic working space, and you can easily check and verify the system for any noise or any fume coming out. The ductless systems are also easy to maintain.

4. Mini Split System

If you don’t feel like investing in the duct system, then the mini-split air conditioning system is a good choice. These are easy to install and provide efficient cooling. The best part about the mini-split system is that you can save on the energy bills.

5. Packaged Units

This type of AC works the best for a home that doesn’t have a basement. This system can be easily installed outside. You can also install them on the rooftop. These are available in different fuel backups like gas packaged units, electric heat pump and dual-fuel models.

6. Evaporative Air Conditioners:

These are also known as swamp coolers. These coolers are perfect for places that have dry weather.

7. Geothermal Air Conditioning

These are an environment-friendly option for cooling. It doesn’t use fossil fuels and makes minimal use of electricity. These can be used for cooling and heating. Most of the system has water working as a refrigerant.

8. Window Unit Air Conditioning Systems

Well, these are the most common choices. The base model of window AC will cost somewhere between $200-300. If you are planning to buy an air conditioning system loaded with the feature, you will have to pay more for it. This type of AC system is powerful for cooling in a limited area; if you are looking to cool up a bigger space or the entire house, you need to find a better alternative.

The bottom line

These were some of the common choices of AC systems available in the market. If you want to purchase the best one, you have to assess your cooling requirement and purchase the one that fits your shortlisted parameters. Make sure that you also pay equal attention to the serving and maintenance of the cooling system. It will guarantee long-term efficient performance.


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