How to Keep Your House Cool in Summers


As spring has set in, which will be followed by summers, all homeowners face the same dilemma: How to keep their houses cool. The problem is very serious because in some areas the temperature rises to unbearable levels.

In this article, we will give you some tips and tricks that will help you maintain a lower temperature inside the house. These will range from complex solutions such as internal cooling systems and simple ones like a sensor base exhaust fan.

Central Cooling System

This system is one of the most used cooling techniques. It is because it keeps the entire house cool. It consists of a compressor which is outside the premises of the house. The air goes to the compressor, which is cooled by various processes. Afterward, it is distributed throughout the house using a cooling or heating cable, depending on the time of the year.

This feature that is usable in winters, as well as summers to maintain a good temperature, is its biggest strength. Once installed, the temperature can be adjusted to cool or make the house warm. It is a one-time investment but will pay off for years.

Mechanical Ventilation

Mechanical ventilation is also becoming very common in new energy-efficient homes. The system removes air from the homes and replaces it with cool fresh air. This cycle continues until the air has been refreshed.

The Internet of things has also improved the energy efficiency of these systems. The system based on a sensor is now in place, which turns on only when the air becomes polluted or warm enough to activate the sensor. These can be adjusted to the needs of homeowners.

Several types of mechanical ventilation are available. These include balanced supply, energy and heat recovery ventilators, and many more. This gives the owner to choose the ones that best suit their needs.

Natural Ventilation

This is one of the easiest and economical way to bring down the temperature of the house. Natural ventilation can be achieved by keeping the doors and windows open throughout the day and night. This allows cross ventilation to take place and thus makes room for cooler air.

This method is extremely useful if you are short on budget and want to save electricity costs. This method does not require any investment. However, this will not lead to a significant reduction. Moreover, during humidity, this method will not be effective at all.

Heat from Appliances

The heat from appliances is also a big contributor to the temperature of the house. If you are able to control this heat, it will help a lot. To reduce this emission, try to use these appliances during the night. It is because, during the day, the outside temperature is also high. This addition will add to it. In contrast, during the night, it falls.

Additionally, always keep the exhaust fan in the kitchen on as most of the high heat emitting appliances are placed there.


These were some of the tips to reduce the temperature inside the house for the upcoming summer. Also, the use of the best emp shielding will stop the heat rays from coming inside. You can use many other tricks to keep the temperature low.


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