Tips to Stay Focused while Working from Home during the Pandemic

Working from Home

When the pandemic had just struck our worlds and toppled it over in the blink of an eye, most industries shut down, and offices were forced to go remote. People started working from home and making their peace with the new normal. In all honesty, the idea of working from home seemed comfortable and highly appealing.

Let us look at it objectively. Employees would not have to travel to their workplaces, thus, saving their time and the money spent on commute. One could sit within the comforts of their home and work however they wanted to. Therefore, sipping on 10 cups of coffee a day, and streaming endless minutes of one’s favorite show while working from home, were factors that made this entire “work-from-home” idea seem like a brilliant one. Some companies even announced that their employees could continue working from home long after the pandemic was over.

However, reality played out quite differently. Soon enough people started missing their workplaces and colleagues and found it increasingly difficult to concentrate at home. Taking care of kids, tending to household chores, and chopping vegetables besides preparing for that important meeting seemed like an impossible task. Studies now show that most employees who have been working from home since the start of the pandemic started complaining about how they lacked focus at work and how difficult it became for them to carry out their responsibilities.

Technological impediments also served as a major challenge that made working from home nothing less than a nightmare. However, we need to roll with the times and make our peace with the fact that this might be our reality for many more months to come. That said, here are a few tips that everyone working from home can make a note of, to increase their concentration and productivity at work.

Have a Separate Workstation for Yourself:

Of course, you would want to curl up under the blanket and work from your bed. No one is here to see where you are working from and how you look while doing the same. However, this inability to leave the bed and work from another place causes major disruption at work. One of the best things that you can do to concentrate at work and increase your productivity is to find a workstation. Leave that comfortable bed and move yourself to another nook where you can concentrate enough. Work at the same place every day, and in a few days, you shall be surprised to see that you are able to concentrate better.

Use Technology to Your Benefit:

In this scientifically advanced world, there is no dearth of technology. From using the fastest computers to getting significant quantities of work done with the help of our mobile phones, technology has made lives easier. Therefore, it is important that you too try to leverage the benefits of technology. For instance, iPhone and Mac users have several options to get work done fast and efficiently. Having a fast computer like an Apple iMac will help you become more efficient and productive. A fast computer makes performing many tasks a breeze and eliminates some of the barriers of working.

You can learn to take sticky notes for mac, disable notifications to minimize distractions and also download apps on your phone that shall help you organize your work. It is inane to try to do things on your own when you have a hoard of technology at your disposal. Thus, the second way to increase concentration and productivity at work is to use technology to your benefit.

Remember to Take Short but Frequent Breaks:

It is understandable that you want to get done with your work as soon as possible and invest time in doing the things you love. That is why you might want to work in one breath and rush through with the projects. However, this is where you shall go wrong. It is vital that you take breaks in between tasks. The human brain was not designed to work continuously.

Therefore, do not even try to work at a stretch without relieving your brain of all the pressure building up. Watch an episode of your favorite show or read a few pages of that book you always wanted to read. Go for a brisk walk or snuggle with your pet. Once you start taking enough breaks in between your work, you shall see that your productivity has increased and you are able to concentrate better.

Summing Up:

Working from home can be a challenging affair, and especially for those who do not have the right technical support at home. Plus, there are tens of thousands of household chores that need to be managed while one works from home. Therefore, it is essential that people working from home try to find out the best ways to reduce distractions and intrusions and enhance their concentration. The aforementioned tips are just a few ways of staying focused at work. While these tips might work for some, it might not work for you. Therefore, always do your research and devise ways that work the best for you.


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