8 Painting Tools That Will Save Time and Money


Painting is one of the most popular home improvement projects for homeowners. Many people hire professional painters to paint their homes, but some people choose to paint themselves. They might not get the quality that professionals offer, but considering some important tips, they can paint their house.

The purpose of painting their homes themselves is to save money. However, you need to spend time to save money while painting your house. The key to painting your walls with high-quality work is using the right tools and techniques. Using the right tools and techniques can save time and money. So let us know about some tools that can help you to paint faster within your budget.

List of Painting Tools

1. Wide Rollers

Small rollers require more time to paint if your walls are large or if you have more than three rooms in your house. Professional painters use wide rollers to paint faster as they cover more surface area in a single stroke. They use a special bucket and a 16-inch roller to paint the walls. Although you need to spend more on a large bucket and roller, it will be worth the time you save while painting.

2. Extension Poles

You will need extension poles to make you rollers reach the hard to reach surfaces like top edges or walls and ceilings. Extension poles come in various sizes, and you need at least two sizes of poles to paint every area of your house. Using the poles with a quick lock feature can help you work quickly without the fear of pole coming loose while painting. Using extension poles saves the time of climbing and adjusting the ladders after painting every small area on a wall. Also, they make it easy for homeowners to paint in the tight spots with a lack of space.

3. Sanding Machine

You need to sand the walls and other surfaces before painting them to ensure a smooth surface and uniform finish. Many people use sandpapers for sanding the surfaces, but sandpapers take more time and offer a low-quality finish. It is better to use a sanding machine that sands the surfaces uniformly and faster than sandpaper. You don’t need to buy a sanding machine as it will cost you more, but you can rent it from a painting tools supplier.

4. Step ladder with shelves

Every painter uses a step ladder to paint the higher surfaces on walls, doors, and windows. A standard step ladder comes without shelves, but you should use the one with shelves. A step ladder with shelves lets you place the tools and paint buckets on the shelf and makes painting much easier.

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5. Extension ladder

A 12 feet or 24 feet extension ladder can enable you to reach the heights that are difficult to reach with a standard ladder. High extension ladders can help you to reach the top edges of walls and ceilings. Although you can use long-handled rollers to reach the highest surfaces like ceilings, extension ladders make the work easier as you can comfortably sit or stand on them while painting. Moreover, their design offers you stability while painting higher areas in your house.

6. Drop Cloths

The spills and drops of paint that fall while painting require you to clean them after finishing the work in every room. However, drop cloths can help you to protect your floor and furniture from drops of paint while working. It will save the time that you need to spend on cleaning the furniture and floors. All you need is to lay the drop cloths on the floor and furniture before beginning the paintwork and remove them after painting.

7. Brushes for different applications

Rollers cannot be used in tight spots and small surfaces like window and door trims. There are different types of brushes that are made for use in different areas. For example, flat and trim brushes are suitable for painting flat and large surfaces such as walls and exterior sides. Flat and trim brushes are 4 to 6 inches wide and can paint the large walls and sidings easily.

Also, there are angular brushes that are 2.5 inches wide, and their bristles are cut at an angle to make it easier to paint the trims and edges where the walls meet the ceiling. Moreover, there are Purdy “cub” brushes that are suitable for painting very tight spots.

8. Paint sprayers

Paint sprayers are machines that help you paint faster and uniformly as compared to the brushes and rollers. Also, paint sprayers deliver uniformity and smooth finish than using brushes. Although paint sprayers are not expensive, you can buy them or get them on rent to paint your house.

Using paint sprayers instead of brushes can save a lot of time during your project. They also use less paint than brushes and rollers and save the money that you spend on paint. Moreover, sprayers use all the paint, and there are no drops and spills, as in the case of brushes and rollers, which saves paint and in turn, money.

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Call a professional

Painting your house on your own can save you a lot of money, but getting it done by professionals can save your time and quantity of paint. The professional painters in Allawah would offer you no-obligation painting quotes Allawah. Even in other locations, homeowners can ask for painting quotes to get an estimate of the overall cost of the project. It will cost you more money than doing it yourself but can save you time.

Final Words

These are the painting tools that can save you a lot of time and money while painting your house. If you choose painting your house yourself, you should know the necessary skills to use these tools to paint in the right way. If you don’t know the skills and techniques, you should learn it online or from a professional. Paining without the right skills and tools can lead you to spend more time and money. Therefore, it is best to use these tools after learning the skills and techniques and save your precious time and hard-earned money during your project.


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