The Best Coloured Contact Lenses For Halloween Costumes


Experimenting for Halloween can turn out to be a nightmare or a dream come true. You never know what would happen if you just choose a coloured contact on a whim. For every Halloween costume, there could be only one colour that would do or there may be multiple that could add the needed spark.

In order to help you get the best coloured contact lenses that would perfectly suit your Halloween costume, we would gladly help you with that.

Identifying the right coloured contact lenses can save your Halloween. If you already have a pair of coloured contacts then you must choose the right horror costume that would fit with the lenses. You could either want the colours to blend in or create a contrasting effect, so you have quite a few options to dress up for Halloween.

Hazel contact lenses

Hazel contact lenses are quite handy for a number of Halloween costumes. It is a versatile colour that would suit Halloween costumes that are not too extreme. Your costume list could include some super hero character such as captain marvel, any Disney princess or you could even choose to dress up as an anime character.

Green contact lenses

Green is an exceptional colour, make sure you buy a bright green shade of the contact lenses. This would allow you to stand out more, given the fact that green eyes are already too rare in this world. Bright green and a touch darker shade would certainly be great for you. Imagine how many Halloween costumes you can pick with these lenses? Harry Potter comes to mind, the green eyed boy. You can even dress up as a witch like the Maleficient but with a green background. I mean green has always been the colour for witches. Moving on, other Halloween costume could include the green lantern, or the mighty Hulk, the green goblin. You may use a demon costume with green lenses if you prefer.

Blackout Contact Lenses

Black is an evergreen colour for almost anything. You can wear it for any party, event or Halloween costume. The variety and options and never ending with the very special Blackout contact lenses. I know that many people have black coloured eyes, but with the blackout contact lenses you can add depth and more darkness to your eyes. It would certainly seem more scary for Halloween. In blackout lenses you also get different styles like the Sclera contact lenses or the mini sclera.

When you have blackout contact lenses you can dress up as any Halloween character. A full blood thirsty demon and an alien from outer space, all this with the black sclera contacts. Other costume options would include dressing up as the black widow, Mortica from Adams family and many other characters.

Violet contact lenses

You won’t find people with naturally violet coloured eyes, but for Halloween, who cares?. A darker and brighter shade of purple would be wonderful for scary and terrifying Halloween eyes. After all, the purple coloured Thanos came very close to wiping out the humanity, violet would really suit that costume. Or even the joker from Dark Knight with that purple outfit would suit the insanity of your Halloween costume.

Blue contact lenses

Blue is another mesmerizing colour and it is quite versatile for Halloween and events such as these. With these contact lenses you can dress up either as terrifying villain or a Disney princess as you wish. Some great Halloween costume ideas would include the White Walkers and the army of the dead from Game of Thrones or Elsa from the Frozen franchise. The possibilities are endless.

Grey contact lenses

Grey contact lenses are not as appealing to the eye as other contact lenses, but they can do wonders for Halloween. You can easily dress up as a possessed ghost or zombie for Halloween. It is a very handy coloured contact lens.

But with grey contact lenses the thing is that you cannot use them for just every costume you feel like.

Use your coloured contact lenses carefully

There are a wide range of coloured contact lenses available for you to find. The possibilities are endless for Halloween. But if you are not careful with the use of coloured contact lenses you may end up hurting your eyes. There are certain easy rules that you must follow with contact lenses before you use them.

Make sure you wash your hands every time you are about to touch your coloured contact lenses. Also, never share your lenses with anyone, no matter whoever the person is. Similarly, never sleep without taking of your lenses, it would only hurt your eyes. Last but not the least, make sure you enjoy your Halloween to the fullest while staying on the safe side.


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