Give a Deep Look to the House Material before Buying


When you want to buy a house, you certainly need to be sure regarding the construction quality. In the previous few years, new technologies and materials have enhanced the construction process. However, as Keyrenter Management New England says, it is very much common to get notified about house-owners complaining about workmanship and construction. Many of the defects are not even visible in many cases which make the matters worse.  But here are certain checks you can perform on your own.

  1. Almost every developer promise of ‘quality construction’ but a few bother to provide relevant details. Putting the relevant details on paper certainly puts pressure upon the developer work well.
  2. Some unexpected visits to the construction site help the buyer to understand the construction quality.
  3. The soil (on which the building is going to be built) is also very important. The quality of the soil depends on its composition which normally differs from at different places.
  4. Understanding the layout blueprints and design is much difficult for a layman. However, he can ask the project’s architects for the design and then get help from third-party professionals to ensure that everything is in order.
  5. Load of the structure is the basic requirement on which the concrete strength depends. Strength of concrete mix is closely monitored by the builders. Ready-mix is a good alternative as it is not possible to always monitor the concrete mix preparation on the site. You should also not hesitate to ask your builder to show certification of concrete mix provided by a testing laboratory.
  6. Width of the walls should also be mentioned by the builders in purchase/booking agreements and layout plans.
  7. It is not a good approach to assue that the finishing and fixtures promised by the developers will be of satisfactory quality. You must always check whether the Bureau of Pakistan Standards certifies the bathroom fittings, electrical fittings, wires, etc.
  8. Once the building is ready, the quality of tiles, plaster, paints and marbles should be visible to the naked eye. If there is any doubt in your mind, you should immediately ask the builder to show which brands are used in the construction process. If some poor-quality tiles and paints are used for your building, then it means you will be required to replace them early.
  9. As checking of all the aspects of construction is impossible for a buyer; he has a choice to avail the services of an independent auditor or an audit firm. An independent audit will certainly be very expensive for you, but if you ask your builder for hiring of an inspection agency to certify the quality on continuous basis, then the audits will surely not cost you a single penny. Most of the well-known builders already have started getting certifications for example an initiative of Durocrete Construction Quality Rating Agency, the CIDC-CQRA quality certification and the Construction Industry Development Council, promoted by the Planning Commission.

    Whether you seek services of a professional, rely on third-party audit certifications or do it yourself, be sure about the quality of the property that is delivered to you.


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