Top 9 Oldest Buildings In The World


If you are wanderlust, old buildings are mysterious to you. There is a hidden mystery in every old building. We have put together the oldest buildings in the world In front of your eyes. Every old building reflects the skills of artwork and the handwork of the people of that generation. They are astonishing to wander around. The oldest buildings are made without any touch of modern machines and technology.

What are the oldest buildings in the world?

Fascinating constructions are revealing in the world every day. The latest elements and techniques are used for these buildings. But these buildings cannot beat the old buildings. The older buildings hold the historical culture, and these buildings are the symbols of different histories. However, we have come up with the fascinating oldest building that exists in today’s world.

Great Pyramid of Giza:

The Pyramid is the historical sign of ancient Egypt. Egypt accepts a huge number of tourists every year for the Greta pyramid. It stands as the symbol of Egypt. The Great Pyramid is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. It was made before the Eifel tower was made. It was one of the tallest structures made by the human hand until then and consists of more than two million blocks of stone. Some of these stone blocks are very large in size and weight. The most accepted understanding of the Pyramid is that this was built for the king. But the construction and structure make people perplex today.

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The Irish tomb is known to worldwide people. It stands as the most historical monument of Ireland as well as Western Europe. It is the great national monument of Ireland. This ancient structure covers a single tomb. This ancient temple is a symbol of religious, ceremonial, astrological, and spiritual significance. All the elements that were used to construct the tomb were wood, bone, antler, and stone. The Newgrange is located at the North Dublin. It is the oldest building in entire Ireland. It was built before the Great Pyramid. There is an inner passageway. Today’s world finds it a great attraction for travelers.

Megalithic Temples of Malta:

The Megalithic temple is located in The Islands of Malta. The temples are unique and worth to have a visit. If you are interested in the islands in Malta, you should have a visit to the Megalithic temples of Malta. A question always arises about how these temples were built. Technical skills are the essentials to construct the Megalithic temples of Malta.

Bougon Tumulus:

The Bougon Tumulus is one of the funerary architecture. The Bougon Tumulus takes you to ancient history. It represents the museum of life and death at the Neolithic age. The age of the Bougon tumulus is 6000 years. The people of the Neolithic village constructed this museum. Neolithic people live near the Bougon tumulus. They made the monumental graves with stone. There is a large sepulchral chamber inside of the museum. The museum consists of a modern interior and a look. This place attracts a number of archeologists. The Tumulus A, B, C to F are the parts of the Bougon tumulus.

Tarxien temples:

The Tarxien temple was declared as one of the famous heritage sites according to the UNESCO world heritage list. It is one of the best-preserved temples in Malta. Besides, it is the largest temple complex in the entire Malta islands. It includes four megalithic structures. There are so many temples in Malta. But several items have turned this temple into a significant and unique one. The design of the central temple is unique. The local farmers discovered the temple at first. The tent-like shelters cover the Tarxien temples for protecting from elements outside.

La Hougue Bie:

La Hogue Bie is one of the oldest museums in the entire Europe. There is an archaeological museum in the La Hogue Bie. The museum consists of swords, axes, and spears. It is the home of the Ice age Iceland exhibition. A beautiful surrounding is around La Hogue Bie. You will learn the life of Neolithic people in the Neolithic community. Ancient treasures are found in this museum. The largest Celtic coin hoard is found in this museum.

Knap of Howard:

The Knap of Howard is in Scotland. This old structure is considered as one of the oldest stone houses in entire Europe. It is one of the outstanding prehistoric architecture that you will find in Europe. Besides, it is the heart of the Neolithic Orkney world heritage site. There are two surviving houses. It covers a large area of 10 meters. The upright slabs divide the structure between rooms.

Pyramid of Djoser:

A light Tura limestone surrounds the tomb. The entire area comprises of 20 pairs of limestone columns. King Djoser implemented the planning of the Pyramid. 11.6 million Of cubic stones and clay were used to build the tomb. The Pyramid is located at the center of the complex that is 37 acres. A recessed limestone wall consists of 13 fake doorways. This wall surrounds the complex. There is a mystery in the entire place. This place is worth visiting. You should visit the place if you like to explore historical places.

The Cairn of Barnenez:

The Cairn of Barnenez is a mystery of France. This old structure is considered as one of the earliest megalithic monument that is found in Europe today. The building was built in two phases. Almost 13000-14000 tons of stones were used to build the building. It contains 11 chambers. Chambers are made of granite and slate. There are nine narrow dry stone walls. These walls cover the slabs. This is a must-visit place for mystery lovers.

Why should we save old buildings?

Historical places are worth saving. They hold an essential definition int the community. And they are a tangible part of a community’s past. Most of the old buildings are surprising. They have cultural values. We should have to preserve them. Preserving the oldest buildings is beneficial to the culture of a community.

Attracts a number of people:

Older buildings are interesting. People are more interested in these buildings, whether they are made of old brick, marble, or heart pine. When people find an ancient structure, they are keen to explore there.

Preference for new businesses:

Businesses which are located in the old buildings get advantages. Several businesses like bookstores, antique stores, ethnic restaurants, and small startups prefer old buildings.

Holding the culture of a community:

Old buildings remind the culture of a community. Old buildings are famous for tourists and residents. You will experience the aesthetic culture of an area while you visit the oldest buildings of that particular area. For maintaining the ancient heritage, a city needs to preserve the old buildings.

We have talked about the oldest buildings around the world. If you are wanderlust, you will love to explore these old structures. And if you are visiting these places, do not miss to take photos. Because each and every photo holds the memory of visiting a historical place, try your best to take beautiful pictures. Make your photos more colorful and vivid with a little touch-up. Photo editing gives the desired look to a photo. So give a natural look to your Images with photo retouching.

If you are interested in exploring the ancient human-made structures that stand in today’s world, then choose these places. Add these old buildings to your list. These old structures are well preserved.


  1. In, Top 9 oldest building in the world, I like Newgrange most. It is not the only oldest building but also a great natural beauty surrounded.


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