Top 10 Most Luxurious Prisons In The World

luxurious prison

If someone told you about prisons, I bet your first thought will be like iron bars, bad food, darkness, and many things like that. But I want to tell you that you will find the top 10 luxurious prisons around the world in the list below.

Now let’s start our countdown.

1. Bastoy in Norway

luxurious prison

One of the best prisons in the world is located on Bastoy Island in Oslofjord. In this luxurious prison, prisoners can enjoy tennis, horse riding, fishing, and sunbathing.

2. HMP Addiewell located in Scotland

most luxurious prisons

It is a luxurious prison in which prisoners will get the opportunity of earning productive skills for forty hours a week. Its concept’s primary purpose is to help prisoners get the transition from bad to good civilized life.

3. Otago Corrections Facility situated in New Zealand

luxury prison

With this most luxurious prison, prisoners get comfortable rooms and a chance to acquire humanity and goodness through crucial skill-building. This luxurious prison strives effectively to hold classes in cooking, farming, and many other things.

4. Justice Center Leoben located in Austria

luxury prison

This luxurious prison is for non-violent criminals. With this luxurious prison, prisoners get a single cell, private bathroom, small kitchen setup, television, fully functional gym, basketball court, and an outdoor recreation region.

5. Aranjuez located in Spain

luxurious prisons

It is one of the most luxurious prisons because it gives criminal parents the facility to live with their infant children for the first few years. This luxury prison is equipped with every possible facility, including Disney characters on walls, a play area, and many more. This luxurious prison is heaven for the children unaware of the reality of their parent’s crime.

6. Champ-Dillon present in Switzerland

luxurious prison

This luxurious prison was previously nonfamous for its overcrowding, but with the enhancement in the previous theme, it is well known for its uniqueness. It allows prisoners to live like university fellows, not like ordinary prisons. That is because of the concept of taking a step forward of rehabilitation. It has an attached bathroom for every single cell. Prisoners living there are fortunate to find such facilities.

7. JVA Fuhlsbuettel situated in Germany

luxurious prisons

This luxurious prison provides facilities like a home to prisoners. It allows private shower, toilet, cell, and other things and machines to wash their clothes and other things.

8. Sollentuna present in Sweden

most luxurious prisons

This luxurious prison provides the facility with a bed, couch, tv, recreation room, private bathroom, a kitchen that is open for use, and many more things like that. This prison is more like the farmhouse for spending vacations.

9. Halden located in Northway

best prisons in the world

This luxurious prison is known as the most humane prison worldwide because it is surrounded by greenery and natural light in abundance. Each prisoner in it enjoys the facility of comfortable living with their relative privacy. Skill developing classes, TV room, movies, games, and many more things are more like a dream.

10. Pondok Bambu present in Indonesia

best prisons in the world

This is the perfect luxury prison for women. It has all the facilities that a woman admires in a perfect living like a nail salon, karaoke machine, spa, and many more.


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