5 Family Vacations Spots To Visit After Quarantine


The idea of a fun trip varies from person to person. There is no specific definition for an adventurous trip. A person may find bungee jumping exciting while another may find snow sports like heli-skiing Canada fun and enthralling.

There is no doubt that one gets to know a lot about the real world through traveling that can’t be learned through reading books or travelogues. When one plans for a vacation or a holiday trip, he expects it to be fun, adventurous, and enthralling; all at the same time!

Considering the current situation, no one knows when the coronavirus will end. However, many travel experts believe that the local and international airlines will be opened for the public by the end of May or June. Nevertheless, there is nothing wrong with planning your next holiday trip in advance.


The coronavirus has been successfully controlled in the countries where it first began to spread. Therefore, you can plan a fun holiday trip to Japan. When you visit Tokyo, you can taste authentic sushi.

If you are a true fan of Japanese anime, then make sure to visit Studio Ghibli. You can try traditional Japanese teas and Matcha latte as well.

Although, many people seem to be clueless about what exactly an adventurous and fun trip is. It does not necessarily need to be risky or dangerous to be exciting and adventurous.

Costa Rica

Currently, Costa Rica is not considered safe due to the confirmed corona cases in the country. However, once the country recovers from the virus, you can do numerous fun activities there. At Costa Rica, you can enjoy various water sports and activities like fishing, swimming, surfing, and snorkeling at Flamingo Beach.


Portugal is a great place to travel with your family and friends. You can taste some mouthwatering local delicacies and visit some breathtaking exotic locations as well. If you plan to visit Lisbon, then you will be amazed by all the enthralling attractions it offers. You can visit Oceanarium, or travel in the yellow tramcars.

Bairro de Avillez is a great option to taste some authentic Portuguese food. Portugal is an affordable place to travel and spend some quality time with your family and friends. Based on your budget, fitness level, and personal interests, you can easily plan an exciting vacation in Portugal.

If you search online, you will find a variety of travel agencies offering a wide range of packages for Portugal. Ideally, you should go for such holiday packages that are more flexible and can be easily customized and changed according to your taste and preferences. In other words, you should go for a package that attracts you the most.


Alaska in one such country where you can hike, paddle, and become close to nature. The country’s Wildlife Conservation Center is perfect for those who are animal lovers. The Alaska SeaLife Center consists of some amazing species of sea animals.

While planning your adventure travels, make sure not to go overboard, and opt for such activities that you are comfortable doing. If you are more interested in water sports, then you can go for scuba diving, sailing or boating.

You can even opt for cruising if you are an ocean lover. If you have planned your vacation somewhere in the mountains, then you can go for hiking, mountain climbing, camping and a lot more.


Once you have decided what type of activities you need to do in your adventure travel, you can then select a tour package according to your traveling needs. Travel agencies design different types of tour packages for single travelers as well as for families, couples, students, office groups, senior citizens, etc.

Canada is one such place that never disappoints. The country offers numerous family-friendly activities and attractions. The Museum of Illusions, Ontario Science center, and the country’s Wonderland park are some great places you can visit with your family after quarantine.

To wrap up

Many people associate adventures with teenagers and young adults. However, in reality, you can enjoy a fun and exciting vacation trip with your family and friends. All you need to do is plan it wisely.

Meeting new people of different ages, ethnicity, culture, and the race is an adventure in itself. Traveling is also a great opportunity to get to know people of different cultures on a personal level. When travelling after the quarantine, avoid going to crowded places. Also, wear masks and gloves whenever you can. Use sanitizers or wash hands before eating any food outdoors. Get yourself tested before and after traveling to a new place.


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