Top 10 Most Expensive Wood Types that Will Blow Your Mind

most expensive wood

As a natural resource, woods have acquired great importance in our daily life. Humans have been using woods for thousands of years for making tools, weapons, houses, furniture, artwork, and many other things.

What is the Most Expensive Wood

There are varieties of woods available in the market. Some of them are costly, and some of them are inexpensive. This article will summarize the top 10 most expensive kinds of wood in the world. Please stick with us until last to get the most useful information about the most expensive woods in the world.

Checklist of Top 10 Most Expensive Woods in the World

1. African Blackwood

african blackwood

African Blackwood, also known as Dalbergia melanoxylon, is considered the most expensive wood in the world. Its processed timber is $13000 per cubic square meter. It is mostly used for brush backs, inlay work, chessman, knife handles, and many other unique items.

2. Lignum Vitae

most expensive wood

Lignum Vitae; known as guayacan or Guaiacum comes from trees of the genus Guaiacum. It is included in the most expensive woods because these woods are heavy and hardest in nature. Its price is £3.86/pound (roughly £24.42/board feet).

3. Purple Heart

most expensive wood in the world

This wood type is commonly known as violet wood, amendoim, and some other local names. It is mostly found in south-eastern Brazil and South as well as Central America. This kind of wood is used for making musical instruments like guitar fretboards and other furniture articles.

4. Ebony

most costly woods

Its price can be up to $10,000 per kilogram. This wood’s smooth and dark layout makes it highly flexible for embellishing objects, piano keys, and furniture items. It is dense and can sink in water quickly.

5. Pink Ivory

most costly wood

This wood, also known as purple ivory, is growing in Zimbabwe and other South African countries. It is used to make a variety of useful products like knives and billiard cues. It also protects lumber against fungus, fire, and rot.

6. Sandalwood

most expensive wood

Sandalwood is a fantastic type of wood that is heavy in nature and yellow in color. These woods are known for their long-term fragrances. It is most expensive wood because sandalwood is also used to treat many health problems like anxiety managing and fighting bacteria.

7. Bubinga

most expensive wood

These woods are known for their utilization in furniture and supreme quality tools. It is durable and has excellent resisting properties. It is also used for flooring, decorating purposes, inlay work, cabinetwork, and much more.

8. Agar Wood

most expensive wood

This wood is largely used in oil, perfume, and tea production. This wood is also known as the Wood of Gods, and many people use them for religious purposes.

9. Dalbergia

cocobolo wood

It is a rare type of wood that is durable and strong enough. Many skilled people do complicated and decorative work with this type of wood. Mostly it is used for sports and furniture items.

10. Bocote

most expensive wood

Bocote wood comes with a wide range of grain patterns. Its color is golden brown and sometimes golden yellow. Its price for 4/4 bocote ranges from $13 to $23/bf. That’s why it is included in the most expensive woods in the world.


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