5 Underappreciated Technologies in Industry – Overlooked Technologies

Overlooked Technologies

The world is in constant change through technological inventions in different industries. Every aspect of life being modernized. However, various technologies could transform the world, but they have been overlooked. Let’s discuss the overlooked technologies!

Gene Therapy

Even though we are at the top of the biotechnology transformation, our attention mainly focuses on genome mapping, stem cells, tissue engineering, and modern pharmaceuticals. There is already a way to access the DNA directly and swap the genes when the need arises. It is also easy to detect the difference between good and bad genes, which helps prevent diseases.

This has made us forget all about gene therapy, giving rise to genetic enhancements such as high intelligence levels and an excellent memory. Gene therapy can also help in life extensions. The idea has been proved exceptional but has not yet been distributed.

Affordable and Fast DNA Sequencing

Most people have a deep understanding of DNA sequencing, but they do not understand how affordable and fast it is. A significant number of medical experts say that it uses Moore’s Law. According to analysts, DNA sequencing speed increases more than twice since 2003 when it costs $3.8 billion.

The advancements in DNA procedures such as nucleic acid chemistry can undertake the DNA procedures on a semiconductor chip that costs $1,000 for each genome. Other companies process a single genome in twenty-four hours, Unlike DNA sequencing, which is super-fast and can help develop drugs that can help treat each genome.

Waste to Biofuels

It sounds well turning your useless garbage into a final useful product such as fuel. This is referred to as energy recovery from waste. The process entails generating biofuels or electricity by burning trash under controlled conditions. This process can help produce biofuels, such as synthetic fuels, ethanol, and methanol.

However, there are very few areas where this idea is practiced; regions such as Alberta and Edmonton are working on this crucial idea. Edmonton will have converted more than one hundred thousand tons of solid waste into thirty-eight million liters of biofuel in the next year.

Also, the biofuels produced from the municipal solid waste reduce greenhouse gas emissions by more than 60% compared to gasoline. This is one of the greatest ideas that have been overlooked, although it has proven to succeed. Currently, Sweden has begun the importation of municipal solid waste from the neighboring countries.

Concentrated Solar Energy

This is a recent advancement in solar power energy, making its way to different parts of the world with increasing consumers. Most people tend to call it solar power, but it’s called concentrated solar power. This mode of power transformation entails converting the rays of the sun by lenses and mirrors. How is this possible?

This is done by focusing the sun’s incoming rays on a highly concentrated area, which generates a form of electricity. This is an efficient source of energy authorized for solar power plants in gigawatt size. There is also a new invention that entails photovoltaic that is generated by strong concentrated sunlight being converted to heat and finally electricity.

Concentrated Photovoltaics production plants will play a key role in supporting the world’s energy needs. This can also serve two times more than a desalination station. The world should impress this innovation in all industries since it is affordable and can help when there are power shortages.


Leon Chua, a professor from the University of California (Berkeley), predicted a transformation in electrical circuits’ production. Circuits were invented using inductions, resistors, and capacitors. Chua came with another component used in the production of circuits known as memristor; this is a short memory resistance device.

As compared to a resister, which can memorize charges even after a power blackout, the memristor recalls and memorizes sensitive information. A memristor can be used as part of a computer since it has memory. The same knowledge used in circuit transformation is applied in the production of silicone sponge sheet.

Even though technological advancements are being evolved every day in different industries, it is good to look behind and consider overlooked innovations.


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