How to Furnish Your Garden Room

Garden Room

If you’re looking to add some additional storage space to your home, create a new room for the kids to play in or simply a place where you can sneak off to for a ten-minute break from the world, a garden room is a perfect thing. Not only do they provide some much-needed space but they also you to enjoy the outside without ever being outside!

How you use your garden room is totally up to you but the furnishings that you ultimately choose will decide how your room is going to be used. If you’re a little stuck on how to furnish your garden room and are looking for some inspiration to get you started, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we take a look at some of the most popular garden room ideas and the furnishings you’ll need to create them.

Sports Bar

For those looking to create a ‘man cave’ where either yourself or your partner can spend their time away from the stresses of everyday life, there are several furnishings that you can add to make the ultimate man’s hideout.

Start by choosing a colour scheme that matches the colours of your or your partner’s favourite sports team. This simple yet extremely effective design tip will instantly stand out and be noticed, perfect if you have friends that support rival teams and want to show off a little.

Add accessories that match or go all out and start adding merchandise such as pillows and flags from your team’s official store. Supplement with more sports memorabilia and even past trophies if you or your partner is a former athlete. Finish off by adding some bar essentials such as a widescreen tv, mini-fridge and jukebox!

Home Office

With more of us now working from home, what better what to use your garden room than a home office made to your very taste? This garden room idea is a little more practical than the previous but still provides an opportunity to be as creative.

Depending on the area of work you find yourself in, whether it’s an office job or an artist, your garden room can be transformed into a space where you can get your head down or creative juices flowing. Simply add in the essentials such as a desk, drawers, PC/laptop and chair for a more traditional space or go bigger and more contemporary with a full-blown studio.

Don’t forget to add in some plants and accessories with uplifting greens and yellows to create a space that’ll boost your mood as well as your productivity levels.

Traditional Dining Room

For a more traditional setup, why not go for a space inspired by country dining by adding some traditional wooden table and chairs, a rustic-styled unit and some beautiful flowers. As well as a place to eat, this can provide the perfect space to relax and enjoy the warm summer evening and maybe even the occasional barbeque with family and friends.

A garden room is perfect for a classic-styled dining room to be shown off and really lends itself to some country inspiration. For even more versatility, why not add in a soft, squishy sofa where you can relax too!?

These are just a few garden room ideas and furnishings that you can choose if you’re struggling for some garden room inspiration. If these don’t quite tickle your fancy, however, we hope this blog has managed to light the spark needed to create the garden room you’ve always dreamed of!


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