Tips to Find the Best T-Shirt Printing Companies for Digital Printing

T-Shirt Printing Companies

Digital printing is changing the way we looked at customized t-shirts. Taking the world of screen printing by the storm, many businesses are looking to get their custom t-shirts digitally printed to get high quality at an affordable price.

By getting your merchandise digitally printed, you can not only save time but also money! So why should you choose digital printing over traditional methods? Read on to find out!

  • Better quality end product: When looking for personalized t-shirts, many companies are opting for digitally printed merchandise because it offers clean, high resolution design for a fraction of cost. A good quality t-shirt can really enhance your brand image.
  • Higher efficiency at minimal effort: Screen printing is replaced by digitally printed t-shirts because the former is highly time consuming and labour intensive task. Digital printing, on the other hand, produces high quality results with half the effort. Therefore, if you are looking for greater volumes without increasing your cost or delivery timelines, then this is the best solution for you.
  • Get higher level of customization: What makes this process such a sought after one is ability to get an increased flexibility as well as customization. By choosing digital printing, you can get multiple variations in a smaller batch. As a result, you are able to experiment with multiple designs. You will not be required to order a fresh batch for a slight design change which also makes it more cost effective.
  • Cost effective: As mentioned above, digital printing can bring down the per unit cost of customized t-shirts. Therefore, you get a very high quality end product at a much more affordable price range.

So if you are planning a business promotion or a marketing event, then you must consider using digitally printed custom t-shirts. As you have already seen the benefits, it only makes more business sense to pick them over traditional methods of printing.

That being said, further we will discuss how you can find the best T Shirt Printing Companies In Nigeria that will not only give you the option of digital printing but also other forms of printing so that you can choose on the basis of your budget and other requirements.

  • Determine your needs first: When you are looking for a t-shirt printing company, you need to first research all the options available to you. So the first thing you need to do is determine exactly what you need. Do you need screen printing? You want your t-shirts to be digitally printed? You need customized hoodies? Knowing what you want will help you narrow down your search results and make a wise selection.
  • Don’t hesitate to ask for free samples: don’t just place your bulk order by holding preliminary discussions. You need to ensure that the company has what it takes to give you the quality you want. An ideal company will be happy to give you free samples so that you can assess their quality and finish. They should also be able to implement all the design features you want in your merchandise. Once you have examined the end product, you can choose whether you want to place a bigger order or not.
  • Check them out online: These days, you can find any information online. So use that power to your advantage and perform thorough due diligence of the company you are planning to do business with. Look for third party reviews and testimonials from previous clients who have used their service. These simple checks will go a long way in eliminating substandard service providers who are in this only for money. What you need is a partner who follows professionalism and quality standards with utmost efficiency.
  • Customer service experience: A true measure of the company lies in its customer service department. You should call on their helpline number to see how customer-centric they are. Is the customer service representative helpful? Are they patient while answering your queries? Are they willing to go the extra mile in maintaining the service standards they promise through their adverts?
  • Ask about payment and delivery terms: Don’t trust a company who doesn’t follow clear payment and delivery terms. Are they asking you to make the full payment upfront? You should ask them about their delivery timelines and exchange process in case of a faulty merchandise.

Make sure you have covered all these bases when you are working with a professional t-shirt printing company. As a small business, it is safe to assume that you will need their services time and again. Therefore, you should look for a vendor who wants to work with you in the long term.


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