Take Control Over Health as You Know of Early Signs of Diabetes in Men


The number of cases of diabetes is increasing each year. The changing lifestyle and food trends could be responsible for this remarkable increase. Diabetes is caused due to increased sugar levels in the body. Diabetes can cause many other complications if no action is taken to handle it at the right time. That is why we have tried to share some information regarding diabetes and the common signs observed in men with diabetes.

What is Diabetes?

Diabetes is a health condition in which the sugar levels in the body go above normal. Usually, body creates insulin to process the blood sugar levels. In the two varieties of diabetes, insulin is either not created at all or is destroyed by the body itself. This causes an imbalance in the level of sugar in the body leading to diabetes. Understanding the underlying causes of diabetes can help to combat the condition effectively and maintain better health.

What are the different types of Diabetes?

There are two commonly known forms of diabetes. Type 1 Diabetes, which was also alternately referred to as Juvenile Diabetes, which may start at a young age in most cases. The other is Type 2 Diabetes, where the body produces insulin which is destroyed by the body itself by assuming it is a foreign body. This condition of diabetes occurs mostly because of excess weight gain and obesity.

What is Prediabetes?

Prediabetes is a condition where the blood sugar levels are a bit higher than normal but the person does not have diabetes yet. This condition when detected should be taken seriously and the right action needs to be taken at the right time. This will help to prevent a consequence like Diabetes.

What are easy signs of Diabetes to be noted in Men?

Men who are suffering from diabetes can easily note the following symptoms:

  • Frequent urination is one of the common symptoms of diabetes in both men and women.
  • The inability to process sugar may lead to fatigue and tiredness in people suffering from diabetes.
  • Quick weight loss or weight gain may indicate towards diabetes in some cases.
  • The process of healing will slow down when a person is suffering from Diabetes.
  • Blurred vision and irritability are some of the other symptoms that may be related to diabetes.
  • Patients with diabetes also suffer from nausea and skin infections.
  • Acetone odour is another indicator of diabetes.
  • In men, the overall testosterone count also reduces due to diabetes.
  • Men may suffer from retrograde ejaculation when they are suffering from diabetes.
  • Overall libido is also greatly reduced when a person suffers from diabetes.
  • Some men suffering from diabetes may also suffer from erectile dysfunction which is the most common form of male impotency.

What complications can arise from Diabetes in Men?

Diabetes is a highly undesirable health condition as it may result in several other long-term complications.

Here we have listed out some of the major complications:

  • Diabetes can lead to heart disease in patients.
  • It may also result in high blood pressure if due care is not taken.
  • Skin infections and yeast infections are possible side effects.
  • Nerve damage and neuropathy are other possible complications in this condition.
  • Kidney disease may also happen as a result of diabetes.
  • Men suffering from diabetes may also suffer from impotence issues that may affect their relationships in the long run.
  • Stroke is another major health risk for diabetes patients.
  • Retinopathy and vision related health problems are common in diabetes patients.

What are the risk factors that commonly lead to diabetes in men?

The modern lifestyle seems to have a very detrimental effect on the health of individuals. That is why there are more cases of diabetes today than in the past.

Here we have listed out some of the common risk factors that lead to diabetes:

  • Sedentary lifestyle and lack of physical exercise is one of the major causes of diabetes in patients.
  • Obesity could be another risk factor that may lead to diabetes in patients.
  • Excess alcohol intake and smoking can be habits that lead to diabetes in patients.
  • Maximum cases of diabetes have been seen in patients with a family history of diabetes.
  • High blood pressure and high cholesterol levels could be signs that you may get diabetes.
  • Unhealthy diet and poor sleeping habits could also result in diabetes in patients.
  • Low testosterone count is also a risk factor in diabetes.

How to maintain health in Diabetes?

Apart from your regular diabetes medicines, once you have been detected with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes, proper measures need to be taken to maintain health:

Here we have listed out some simple measures to stay healthy in spite of diabetes:

  • Make sure you get a proper night’s sleep (6-8 hours)
  • Regulate your diet and eat healthy. Include more fibres, fruits, vegetables and greens in your diet.
  • Replace sugar with cinnamon sugar and go for natural sweeteners so that it does not hamper your health.
  • Go for non-fat dairy products and yogurt that provides you the required nutrition without affecting the cholesterol levels in the blood.
  • Create a strict exercise regime. Go for a morning walk daily. Play outdoor games like Badminton.
  • Take time to relax your mind. Try to spend some time each day meditating. You may also try Pranayama to relax your body and mind.

Different Tests Performed to Detect Diabetes

There are many different tests that can be performed medically to check whether a person is suffering from Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes.

Here we have listed these out for your knowledge so that you can take the right tests:

  • Haemoglobin A1C Test is taken to check average blood sugar level for the past 2-3 months.
  • Fasting blood sugar level test is taken to check blood glucose level after 12 hours of fasting. This will help to know whether you have diabetes.
  • Oral glucose tolerance test is made by the doctors to see how the body responds to glucose. The test is not often taken for men.
  • Random blood sugar test may also be taken but the results may not give a clear result as it is dependent on the last time you ate food.

Bottom Line for Male Diabetes Patients

Living with Diabetes is not going to be easy. However, if you take the right measures by managing the diet and leading a healthy lifestyle, chances are that you can still have the best in life. Proper guidance and healthcare assistance will help you take the right measures. Try to cut down on unhealthy habits and lead a healthy life. Make physical exercise a part of your daily routine.


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