Fantastic Facts You Might Not Know about Dubai

Fantastic Facts about Dubai

The UAE boasts some of the most fabulous places to explore, with Dubai being among the most popular ones. It is one of the most luxurious cities in the United Arab Emirates and is home to over three million people. It has a unique culture and history, and you might be surprised by how many things you didn’t know about this world-famous city.

To illustrate: Did you know that you could find the best Italian pizza in Dubai? It proves how globally diverse this fantastic region is, with enthralling residents and several tourist attractions.

If you are a new resident or planning on visiting the city anytime soon, here are some fun facts about this incredible place.

The world’s tallest building is here

The most beautiful and one of the tallest buildings in the world is the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. The intimidating tower measures eight hundred and twenty-eight meters and has over one hundred and sixty floors. It took five years for the professionals to complete the building, which was formally opened in 2010.

Several renowned celebrities worldwide own homes here, proving how exciting and attractive the region is, with the latest rules and laws permitting foreign nationals to buy, sell, or rent homes here.

It has the largest airport terminal

The Dubai International Airport is the biggest one in the world, with five concourses that can handle over ninety million passengers a year. It has been named the best airport worldwide by Skytrax for ten straight years.

It is situated in the Jebel Ali area and is the hub for popular regional and international airlines. When you realize how many people visit this spectacular city annually, it is no surprise that the airport should be this accommodating and ergonomic.

It offers fantastic Italian pizzas

You can gorge on the best Italian pizza in Dubai, whether you are a new tourist or a resident who loves continental cuisine. Popular local restaurants maintain authenticity by employing traditional Italian pizza-making techniques. They also use fresh ingredients and stringently follow safety and hygiene standards, making the experience unforgettable for visitors.

Besides enjoying classic Italian pizzas like Margherita and Neapolitan, you can also order various delicious pasta, soups, and much more that are easy on your stomach. These Italian-inspired staples are also baked to perfection, justifying the positive reviews you will find on the local pizza restaurants’ websites. You can also see their accolades and awards displayed online, further proving their authenticity.

It has the largest suspended aquarium

The Dubai Aquarium Tank holds approximately ten million liters of water and is located on the very bottom floor of the famous Dubai Mall. It is undoubtedly the largest aquarium in the world, housing over a hundred different species of sharks, fish, and stingrays on display.

The aquarium and the underwater zoo are also home to over forty thousand animals from around the world that live there permanently or temporarily. It is among the most popular attractions for Dubai residents and tourists who come to see its one-of-a-kind sights every year.


With its beautiful beaches, fantastic architecture, and delicious food, Dubai is a great city to explore all year round. Also, as the city comes up with fantastic new attractions now and then, you can be assured that the city will always have mind-blowing things to experience.

So, enjoy the attractions and experiences listed above in Dubai, enabling you to collect a lifetime of thrilling memories.


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