Suggestions for a Party With Drinkers and Non-Drinkers

Party With Drinkers and Non-Drinkers

When planning a party where there will be both drinkers and non-drinkers in attendance, it is important to take the needs and preferences of all guests into consideration. You can have Monterey Chardonnay and also sodas to keep everyone happy.

Plan a Successful Party

Here are some tips for planning a successful party for drinkers and non-drinkers:

  1. Provide a variety of drinks: In addition to alcoholic beverages, make sure to offer a range of non-alcoholic options, such as sparkling water, juice, and mocktails. This will ensure that non-drinkers have plenty of choices and won’t feel left out.
  2. Create a designated driver program: Encourage guests who plan to drink alcohol to designate a sober driver or arrange for alternative transportation. This will ensure that everyone can have a good time without putting anyone at risk.
  3. Offer food throughout the event: Serve a variety of appetizers and snacks throughout the party to keep guests from getting too drunk. This will also provide something for non-drinkers to enjoy.
  4. Provide plenty of seating and activities: Make sure there are plenty of comfortable places for guests to sit and socialize, and offer a range of activities, such as games or movies, to keep everyone entertained.
  5. Monitor alcohol intake: Keep an eye on guests who are drinking to make sure they don’t consume too much alcohol. Offer water or non-alcoholic drinks to help them pace themselves, and consider cutting off alcohol service at a certain point in the evening.

Planning a party for drinkers and non-drinkers requires considering the needs and preferences of all guests and offering a variety of options to accommodate everyone. By following these tips, you can ensure that everyone has a good time and stays safe.

Don’t Forget Delicious Food

When hosting a large gathering, it is important to serve food that is delicious, easy to prepare, and able to feed a crowd. Here are some ideas for delicious and easy food for a lot of guests:

  1. Finger foods and appetizers: Finger foods and appetizers, such as vegetable crudité platters, fruit and cheese plates, and mini sandwiches or sliders, are easy to prepare and can be enjoyed by guests as they mingle and socialize.
  2. Slow cooker dishes: Slow cooker dishes, such as chili, pulled pork, or beef stew, are easy to prepare ahead of time and can be kept warm in the slow cooker until guests are ready to eat.
  3. Buffet-style dishes: Set out a variety of dishes, such as salads, grains, and proteins, and let guests serve themselves buffet-style. This allows for a variety of options and allows guests to choose their own portions.
  4. Pizza or sandwiches: Order a few large pizzas or make a batch of sandwiches and cut them into individual servings. This is a simple and satisfying option that is sure to be a hit with guests.
  5. Desserts: For dessert, consider making a batch of cookies or brownies, or setting out a fruit platter. These are easy to prepare and can be enjoyed by guests as they finish their meals.

There are many delicious and easy food options for a large gathering. By offering a variety of dishes and allowing guests to serve themselves, you can ensure that everyone has plenty to eat and can enjoy the party.

Have Some Games

And to make things even more fun, plan some games. Party games are a great way to add entertainment and excitement to any gathering. Here are seven party games that guests can play:

  1. Charades: Charades is a classic party game in which players act out a word or phrase without speaking. This can be a fun and energetic game that gets everyone laughing and participating.
  2. Two Truths and a Lie: In this game, each player tells three statements about themselves, with two being true and one being a lie. The other players have to guess which statement is the lie. This can be a fun and revealing game that allows guests to get to know each other better.
  3. Never Have I Ever: In this game, players take turns saying something they have never done, and anyone who has done that thing has to take a drink or perform a penalty, such as doing a silly dance. This can be a fun and lighthearted game that encourages guests to share personal stories.
  4. The Price is Right: In this game, players try to guess the prices of various items, such as household goods or popular products. The player who comes closest to the actual price without going over wins the round. This is a fun game that can be played by guests of all ages.
  5. Cards Against Humanity: In this game, players take turns judging which player has the funniest combination of cards. This is a popular party game that can be enjoyed by adults who have a sense of humor and are not easily offended.
  6. Trivia: In a trivia game, players answer questions in various categories, such as history, pop culture, or sports. This is a fun game that allows guests to show off their knowledge and compete against each other.

In conclusion, there are many fun party games that guests can play to add entertainment and excitement to a gathering. These games can be enjoyed by guests of all ages and interests and can help to create a fun and memorable party experience.


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