Here’s Why You Need to Know About the Coronavirus Misconceptions?


The outbreak of novel coronavirus has led to the formations of multiple speculations about the cure and spread of it, thus, making it difficult to differentiate between myths and reality. The misconceptions and lack of knowledge are some of the major reasons for the rapid spread of disease. The viral social media posts and the other unauthorized information about coronavirus symptoms, cure, and the spread are what need to be stopped and for that, every single person should take the responsibility by not forwarding ever information that they come across. Here are the common myths about coronavirus and why you must know about them:

Overseas Shipment Make the Person Sick:

As more research is being done about the spread of coronavirus, researches are learning more about it and are categorizing it either true or false. One of the most trending rumors included that overseas shipment can transmit the disease. However, World Health Organization says that the chances of getting infected by COVID-19 via commercial packages are very low because it travels over several days and been exposed to a different temperature which is more likely to kill the virus. Therefore, rumors like these are what is putting a pause on the business all around the world and more likely to affect the economy. So, make sure to take the necessary precautions while handling the shipments, otherwise, there isn’t anything else to worry about it.

Coronavirus is Man-Made:

Viruses tend to change over time. Due to genetic mutations or any other changes, some viruses that may be existent only in animals, they somehow transmit to humans. Such is the case with coronavirus as it is thought to be transmitted through bats and snakes. A situation like this has led people to think that coronavirus is man-made, and it is deliberately created and being spread. There is no truth to such rumors and must not be paid heed to because they are doing no good but merely worsening the situation and stimulating a global panic.

Coronavirus is Synonymous to Death:

Another myth that is making people freak out and lose their sanity is that coronavirus is a death sentence. If you fell prey to it, there is no way out and you are going to die ultimately. However, the truth is that many COVID-19 patients have been recovered all around the world. The other misconceptions and the death rate of coronavirus patients are getting all the hype and undermining the fact that it is curable. So, do not just focus on the negativity, look up for more of the hopeful and positive content, because it is the positivity that we need the most at this hour to get through this deadly situation.

Cannot be Transmitted in Hot and Humid Weather:

Weather conditions have nothing to do with the spread of coronavirus. It is utterly wrong to say that the virus does not spread in hot and humid conditions. There is evidence of this claim that the high temperature can kill the virus. Misconceptions like these are what are making viruses to spread rapidly. Therefore, make sure to take all the necessary precautions no matter what country you live in or how are the weather conditions over there. Take care of yourself as much as you can.

Transmission through Mosquito Bites:

Speculations have been made that coronavirus can be spread through mosquito bites. However, there is no evidence of any such claims. The virus spreads through the droplets that are formed when an infected person sneeze or coughs. Avoid going out of your houses and make sure to wear a mask when you do. Ensure your safety and take all the precautions that are being prescribed by the World Health Organization.

Foolproof yourself by ignoring all the misconceptions and false pieces of information that you come across. Learn to differentiate between rumors and reality by following the authenticated sources of information only. Do not forward the information unless you are assured of its validity. The negligence and fake information are what is majorly creating a panic situation around the globe, thus, worsening the situation even more than the disease itself. Spread the word among your family and friends and let them know how adverse the outcomes false information can be. Keep yourself safe by taking all the precautions prescribed by WHO. Above all stay home to stay safe!


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