What Do You Need to Know about Going Camping for the First Time?


To be at one with the wilderness is the crux of the human civilization, and yet we live in concrete jungles. To circumvent this problem while quenching our thirst for the greenery, we take to frequent outdoor activities like camping. However, for a complete amateur, camping can be a daunting task. We all start as beginners, and so it would be easy for anyone to learn to go camping properly if he or she were to follow the few guidelines mentioned below.

Top 4 Tips for First Time Campers

Understand your gear

Being familiar with the gear that you carry for camping will give you an idea on the things you can accomplish if you were to get in trouble. It also sets you up for important and necessary things while camping like pitching up a tent fast, making fire, and helping yourself to proper food. To become familiar, get to practicing pitching your tent in your backyard, understand the function of the stove and the lanterns that you carry while camping.

Your tent should be accommodating

Many a times, people scrimp on the size of the tent and get the smallest size, due to either the weight or the cost. New campers have to remember that getting a big enough tent is not only necessary but also important for your comfort as well as for the benefit of your luggage. Moreover, if you have more than a couple of people going camping with you regularly, simply dividing the tents by purchasing one for every person is not ideal.

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Arrive at the Campground Early

Make sure that you arrive in the campground very early just so that you would be able to familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations along with the amenities that you shall receive. After all, when you are new to the camping game, you have to realize that you need a bit of time in order to understand the entire layout of the campground so as to ensure that you can set up camp in the best place while ensuring that you do not trespass into some other property.

Plan Meals

Understand the amount of meals that you would ideally have within the campground and try and plan your rations accordingly. You do not want to have some extravagant meal at the very beginning and then at the end of the camping trip, you do not have enough food in order to keep you filled in the stomach. Camping is an extensive activity and you need enough energy and nutrition on a daily basis in order to travel for long distances or even undergo outdoor activities. So, you need enough food in order to ensure that you do not face any fatigue due to the lack of nutrition.

Following these few steps would not only ensure that you start enjoying camping as an expedition or an outdoor adventure, but it will also help you to understand the basic life skills necessary for you to survive in any possible, hostile environment that you would be thrown into.


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