Benefits of Investing in Retractable Screens

Retractable Screens

For homeowners looking to bring a cozy feel to their outdoors where they can sit in a calm space away from the scorching sun or rain, investing in a shade like a retractable screen is a good idea.

Retractable awnings are easy to operate and you can also custom fit them to areas in your home like the balcony, window, patio, and door. Installing a retractable awning will not just make use of your patio or backyard, but it will also create a cool ambiance to your outdoor living area. For Orlando motorized retractable screens, consult Go Retractable to see all the various options that you can consider.

Benefits of Investing in Retractable Screens

Increases Property Value

A beautiful and well-kept outdoor area with a retractable screen installed can make your outdoors usable, thereby increasing the value of your home. This can attract potential buyers. When your doors and windows are protected from harsh UV rays, they won’t fade fast and thus maintain strength.

Screens also protect your furniture and home fittings’ life from depreciating. In general, a home with a valuable shed like a retractable awning shows that you can extend your living room space into the patio, increasing the home’s value.

Easy to Install

Retractable screens are quite easy to install and use. By getting the right professional, you can custom fit a retractable screen anywhere in your home. Most of the models currently in the market are also motorized and easy to operate by the touch of a button. Motorized retractable screens are not only very easy to install but simple to use since they are remotely controlled.

Using a simple touch of a button you can open and retract them. Some models have even embraced newer technology that allows the screen to remain firm and withstand high wind loads and other environmental impacts.

Others have an automatic release feature that prevents the screen from tearing. This makes it not only convenient to use but also durable and a worthy investment.

Flexible to Use

While too much exposure can be harmful to your health and your household items, it’s still important to get some sun every once in a while.

A retractable screen offers flexibility where you can open it when the weather is too hot and enjoy the shade it provides. And when it isn’t too hot and you’d love some sunshine, you can retract the screen and sunbathe. The custom-fitted screen design can be placed in any space from your patio, outdoor kitchen, pergola, or porch.

No Visual Distraction

Retractable screens can protect you from the sun without stopping you from enjoying a beautiful view of your outdoor space or some fresh air. It will protect you against natural elements like harsh weather, pests, and insects like mosquitoes enabling you to enjoy some time with your friends and family outdoors.

Enhance Curb Appeal

Apart from being affordable and easy to install, a retractable screen that is well-positioned on your porch will give your home a new fresh look with a touch of luxury. You can choose from different colors, styles and designs, and mount options to match your home’s aesthetic. Choose a color that goes well with your home’s paint, or where you plan to install it.

With it extended your space from the living room while providing and adding to your curb appeal, it’s worth investing in. It’s a great deal when it comes to estimating the value of your home and therefore, a great investment in the long run.

Temperature Regulation

With a simple touch of a button, retractable screens can be opened and closed enabling you to maintain certain temperatures on your deck or patio. By installing the screens on your windows, you can regulate the indoor temperatures in your home.

Energy Savings

A retractable screen not only provides extra space and adds beauty to your home, but it can also help to save you money on your energy bills. Temperatures are usually high when it’s sunny which can make your home very hot to stay in.

Using a retractable awning, you will block the sun and lower the temperatures without having to switch on the air conditioning system to keep your home cool. This in turn lowers your electric bill allowing you to relax throughout summer without worrying about high electricity bills. In general, this step saves you money while making your home more energy-efficient.


Before the purchase of any item, the overall budget is one of the main factors to be considered. This is the same when it comes to installing a retractable screen in your home. You need to determine the cost of the equipment, the installation cost and how much the maintenance will cost.

Retractable screens are cheap and less costly to purchase and install. Their cost is more of a complete package and the installation is only done once which makes them budget-friendly.

But even with the pocket-friendly price, remember to go for the highest quality retractable screen on the market. This ensures that it can serve you for long and will be worth your investment.


Once you’ve determined that a retractable screen is what you need in your home, find one of a high quality that meets all your preferences. Always get your awning from a known leading manufacturer that provides high-quality and stylish retractable screens.

It should also be easy to install and one that can adjust to fit perfectly where it’s being installed. When it comes to installation for most retractable awnings, you can go the DIY route and install them yourself, but you might want to hire a professional, especially if it involves drilling. Most screen sellers have a knowledgeable team in place that has experience with retractable screens.


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