Height Safety: Things to Know During Training Course When Working at Heights


Any construction job requires you to work at extreme heights. If you are interested in venturing onto this field then you need to take part in a proper working at the height training course. It will ensure that you have all the skills to avoid accidents. This kind of work can be dangerous if you do not have the proper skills. Moreover, a lot of companies who hire construction workers insist on hiring one who has a certificate in working at heights. Construction companies mostly use some fall arrest equipment on their project sites and they can provide proper safety measurements to their workers. On the other part, using such fall arrest or fall safety equipment is not so easy and it requires proper training and experiences.

Why Do You Need to Get Training?

While training can seem like a waste of time for many individuals, it has quite a lot of benefits. Getting a working at heights training certificate helps you to:

  • Avoid any severe injuries. Since it is a high-risk involving a job, it is better to be well prepared.
  • Each country has its health regulations. Hence, it is mandatory to have any working at heights training certificate. It ensures that you avoid legal complications in the future, along with the company that hires you.
  • People who have a certificate in working at height can easily get a job because companies always prefer such trained professionals.

Things That Are Taught While Training

There are a lot of things that are taught at working at heights training. Some of these things are:

Using Railing:

Railing is one of the most effective ways to avoid fatal injuries and accidents. If you are doing construction work on the roof then you must use such railings and other height safety gear to protect yourself. In this case, you can join a working at heights training. The training will help you to talk to your employer in case there is no railing. It will also prepare you always to be consciously aware and use railings as a passive yet active protection device.

Making Sure That You Assess Distance Properly:

A construction worker needs to have an excellent as well as special knowledge. However, a lot of workers are not good at it and hence, working at heights training is crucial for them. If you want to avoid accidents then you must join working at heights training. Your fall distance is not just the length of your lanyard. It also needs to include your height. A lot of people fail to include the latter, and hence, accidents occur.

Proper Usage of Lifts:

A lot of construction workers do not pay attention to the appropriate usage of lifts, and thus, it leads to accidents. Adequate usage of lifts is taught in working at heights training. You need to tie yourself off properly in case you are using a boom lift.

Assessing the Need:

You need to be able to evaluate the need for using the right protection gear at the right time. It will be taught to you in working at heights training class. As a construction worker, you need to practice how to use protective gear. It will help you to act quickly in times of crisis.

The three factors that you need to keep in mind while choosing protective gear are the frequency of the construction activity, location, and permanency. It is not so expensive to get yourself enrolled in working at heights training class. You need it to maintain your safety. Otherwise, you will land up in a fatal accident.


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