Why returning to the office doesn’t have to mean saying goodbye to online events

online events

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the world saw a boom in online events. But you don’t have to be worried about losing out on the benefits of a webinar platform once you return to the office. Here’s how you can have it all.

The future of the office

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many of us were suddenly thrown into remote working, with almost no warning or time to prepare. Though this time of uncertainty was tough, this period of remote working has taught us a lot about the way that we work.

Though restrictions now allow workers to return to the office when they are ready, it is likely that the hybrid office model will become the new normal. A hybrid office model allows employees the flexibility to work solely from home or the office, or a combination of both, tailored to what best suits their needs.

Thus, if not every employee or team member is expected to be in the office all day, every day, this means that internet-based communications tools and online events will remain to be utilised well into the future.

Benefits of hybrid working

Hybrid working, when implemented effectively, can have many benefits for both employees and employers.

1. Greater flexibility

Hybrid working allows employees the flexibility to work whenever and wherever they want, in turn boosting productivity levels and workplace morale.

2. Better work life balance

Allowing employees to do some work from home can also promote a better work-life balance. This can go a long way towards improving the overall health and wellbeing of the whole business.

3. Employee retention

As it is expected that hybrid working will become the new normal, by not offering a hybrid working option, you may be at risk of losing your staff. If employees are anxious about returning to the workplace, it is likely that they might leave their job, and look for a different, remote position elsewhere.

4. Supporting working parents

Juggling school and childcare can be a full-time job in itself, without trying to factor in a 9-5 job on top of that. Childcare can be so expensive that working parents can sometimes find a lot of their pay check immediately slipping away.
However, a hybrid office model can allow working parents to be flexible around their kids, such as allowing them to pick their children up from school and work remotely afterwards. In fact, working mothers are 32% less likely to leave their job if they have the option to work remotely.

How can online events be used in the physical workplace

Virtual events such as webinars, video conferences, daily briefings, and so on, will allow your workplace to feel connected, creating a sense of community despite some workers not being physically present in the office.

In doing so, online events can be used to bridge the gap between remote and in-person workers, allowing for more efficient communication, team working, productivity, and the alignment of goals.

So, if you were worried about losing out on online events once you have returned to the office- fret no more! With this guide you will be able to take advantage of both remote and office-based working, promoting the new normal.


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