Types of intelligence: which one do you have?

Types of intelligence

Intelligence has been illustrated in many ways: higher-level proficiency such as conceptual thinking, mental expression, problem-solving, and decision making, the capacity to comprehend, emotional insight, creativeness, and modification to fulfill the needs of the environment effectively. Others define it as the mental potentials important for change to, as well as constructive and nomination of, any environmental context.

Have you ever questioned, “Am i stupid?” People question themselves atleast once but they do not know that in reality, there is no single intelligence, but fairly different, autonomous multiple intelligences prevail, each depicting distinctive talents, and abilities related to a specific classification. Giving birth to many bits of intelligence namely:

Linguistics – has to do with how well someone is learning and understanding the intricacies of various languages and utilizing them in conversations.

Logical-mathematical – is about the person’s skills at logical problem solving, usually through number sense.

Spatial – has something to do with how well someone is at maneuvering through space and visualizing things.

Musical – can recognize tones and hear patterns in songs and understand the fundamentals of musical composition

Bodily-kinesthetic – is how well people can move through space and utilize their bodies to achieve physically demanding tasks.

Interpersonal – about interpersonal or social skills.

Intrapersonal – is all about how well someone is at reflecting on and being aware of their own mental and emotional state at any given time.

Naturalist intelligence – They are sensitive to slight changes in their environment and gravitate to exploring nature and examining flora and fauna.

As for my intellect, I belong to an intrapersonal type. I can easily adapt to being aware of any emotional state given a situation at a certain time. Though, at times I also belong to a naturalistic type of intelligence.

Having multiple intelligences have diverse techniques of understanding or ways that they are agreeably able to learn: reading/writing, kinesthetic, auditory, and optical. The impression is that everyone is unique and one way to look at this is that we all have talents, skills, and resilience that set us apart from other people.

Humans are incredibly rational beings and we lean on our educated abilities every day. Although intelligence can be defined and measured in countless ways, our overall intelligence as a species makes us incredibly unique and has allowed us to thrive for generations on end. We all have resilience, shortcomings, and biases that make us different from other people.

No man is an island as the saying goes, we need each other to survive in this world. Hand in hand we can work together to make a great difference in whatever we do. We must learn how to cope up with every difference and plan to straighten such disparity in every individual. For the head part, modification encompasses bringing a transition in oneself to handle more effectively with habitat, but it can also imply shifting the environment or revealing a wholly new one.

Intellect, in sum, has reached to be contemplated not as a sole knowledge but as a beneficial representation together of multiple potentials.

Advantages of being smart:

You are a useful and needed worker at every corporation

Employers like hiring competent people as they can increase the victory of the company. They are fascinating to work with and seem to be more efficient.

You will be obtaining good grades in college

Professors admire brilliant students and deal with them with salutes, good marks, and even diplomas with awards, in the most extraordinary cases.

Smart people appear to be more stress-resistant

As you have more knowledge about the world around you are more conscious of the difficulties and their outcomes. If you understand what is going on around you will be more prepared to cope with hardships.

Solution-finding is a priority of smarts

Being armed with any information, statements, and representations, you can relate the topics, create alternative situations and discover the outcome, which is the most acceptable for your case.

The downside of being intelligent:

There is not much time for laziness

You will need to work hard if you want to know a lot. Knowledge does not come by itself but you have to pursue it daily.

Fewer openings to have fun

If you spend a lot of time reading, learning, and developing your skills, you won’t be able to socialize with friends for too long, go to matches daily, or play games.

Occasionally it can make you sad

By being conscious and recognizing more huge ideas and methods, you can feel unhappy.

You frequently think rather than feel

You might not learn the significance of hard work

People always anticipate you to be a top performer

People may get embarrassed that you keep rectifying them in the occasional discussion

You tend to overthink stuff

Sense of loneliness

Being too intelligent may isolate you from others, either due to their lack of understanding of your thought processes or due to feeling intimidated by your achievements. It would be difficult to find someone who could fully relate to you, this sense of isolation tends to encroach upon those who are knowledgeable.

Altogether, being gifted brought many commendations and accomplishments, but it also makes one nervous, scared of disappointment, and anxious to leave at the first signs of hardship.

The thing is one does not need to know a lot of things but to be with smart people and through this everyone should cooperate and then the vision of your goal will come easily when doing things properly. With better technology, our knowledge is getting competently better and one has the opportunity to improve it. Since education is challenging now, everyone has to try something different and unique. One must learn things to become better. That is being a smart choice if living one’s Life.

So, when you’re finished understanding which types of intelligence you’re competent at, take extra time to speculate about what other people are fortunate at. Because when we use concepts like multiple intelligences and learning techniques to assist other people to look good, it makes all of us, and society in common, look a lot better.


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