Why It Is Important to Get Your Car Fully Serviced

Car Fully Serviced

Do you stick to your car’s service schedule? This is something that many motorists ignore, but this could prove to be costly in a number of ways. Sticking to the service schedule is hugely important and could end up saving you a lot of money and grief in the long run.

Keep reading to discover the key reasons why you must stick to the service schedule.

Maintain the Warranty

One of the most overlooked and significant reasons to get a full service carried out on your car is to maintain the manufacturer’s warranty. Failure to service the car or servicing outside of the manufacturer’s guidelines could invalidate the warranty, which means that you could be the one footing the bill if there are any issues with the car (the repair costs can be staggering).

Protect the Value

Another important reason is that regular servicing allows you to protect the value of the vehicle. When the time comes to sell the car, you will get a lot more for the vehicle if you can show that it has been carefully maintained and serviced to the manufacturer’s guidelines. This can make a big difference to the amount of money that you can get from a sale.

Less Likely to Experience a Fault

An obvious – yet key – benefit of regular servicing is that it reduces the likelihood of experiencing an issue while driving. Mechanical and electrical faults can be incredibly disruptive and frustrating, but regular servicing will keep the car in the best condition while also giving the chance for the garage to pick up small issues before they become major problems.

Increased Safety

Sticking to the service schedule will also make your car safer to drive. This is because you are less likely to encounter a breakdown and the mechanic will be able to inspect the components and make changes to increase the safety of your vehicle. You do not want to feel unsafe while behind the wheel, so getting the car serviced will make it safer and also give you peace of mind knowing that the vehicle is roadworthy and in good working order.

These are the key reasons why it is so important for motorists to stick to the service schedule outlined in the owner’s manual. In addition to keeping your vehicle in the best possible condition, there are also important financial reasons to get the car serviced on a regular basis that could make a big difference to your finances in the long term.


  1. As car owners, we all understand the importance of regular maintenance and the need to address repairs promptly.


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