Ways To Perfectly Measure For Your Hot Tub Cover

Tub Cover

If you are currently looking for the best hot tub cover, be sure to measure the tub first for that. It helps you to get the perfect fit.

After investing a lot of money on the hot tub, the time has come when you have to actually measure rightfully for its cover. It is true that the benefits of hot tub covers are hard to resist and most of those options are already known to you. So, without wasting further time, it is better to get hands on the best measurement tactics, which will help you to get the right cover for fitting your hot tub perfectly.

Reliable quality covers are unmatched for their durability and high construction. The manufacturing team will be utilizing the best marine grade vinyl and even polyester thread. It is highly combined with that of premium density foam cores, which are wrapped in vapor resistant barrier film. The main goal over here is to reduce water absorption. The covers are mainly designed to last for a long time and then look good.

Importance of measuring for the cover:

In case the cover you have purchased is of good fit and not warped, waterlogged or deformed in any possible manner, then you can measure the cover and check against the actual spa measurements. It is mandatory for your cover to be a slight larger than the hot tub’s exact dimensions. It provides you with the opportunity to position the cover easily on hot tub. The manufacturing units will always add around 2cm extra of the measurements you provide them with, making it easier to slide the cover in and out when needed.

The steps for the measurement:

With the help of simple measuring tape and a pen and notebook, you can jot down the right measurements of tub before purchasing hot tub cover for it. Follow these steps for your better help.

  • Measure the outer edge of the tub’s acrylic surface first. Measure the length and width and include the flare outs in your measurement. Remember to add around 2 cm to the length and width for adding little play around cover.
  • Now place the carpenter’s square on the tub outside corner. The distance between this point and the inside corner is the radius you need to measure. Make sure to round your measurement to the nearest inch.
  • Most covers are made using flap or skirt. Skirt will hang from bottom of cover and will provide some protection from natural elements. The standard size is 3 inches but you can choose any size depending on the acrylic lip’s width.
  • Now, you have to measure the obstacles. Some special provisions such as air controls must be drawn with dimensions and will upload. Make sure to upload drawing using some online given forms.

Always remember to measure the tub more than twice, just to be sure of the numbers you have jotted down. Once measured and provided the numbers to manufacturers, there is no going back. So, being extra careful from the first goal is always a prime condition for you to consider. Choose to work with the best team now!


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