Why You Should Visit Bali Once In Your Lifetime


There are around 17,000 islands in Indonesia, yet Bali is one of the most popular ones among tourists and visitors. But it wasn’t the hype around the phenomenon of “Eat, Pray, Love” that made it so famous. If you have never been there, it might be hard to understand why those that could visit Bali speak so highly of it. But Bali is much more than you think, it is not only about beautiful beaches, bars, and alternative restaurants. It is a great destination for anyone who loves nature: from diving to hiking to walks in the forest and waterfalls, Bali has it all! Also, Bali is an island incredibly rich in culture, where the innovation meets with tradition and where music and food will capture you.

Are you still not convinced? With this article we want to give you an idea of why you should visit Bali at least once in your lifetime. Keep reading to find out why should you include visiting Bali in your bucket list. You can also check out these cheap flights from Singapore to Bali in the meantime.

Wonderful Beaches

Many people know Bali for its awesome beaches, which are the most obvious reason to visit this tropical paradise. There are so many that you just need to choose what you prefer. The variety is incredible and if you’re looking to catch some good waves, surfing in Bali is a great experience! The good thing about Bali is that there are beaches for every taste, from the most mainstream ones and popular, to the most remote and hidden, anybody can find their favorite beach spot in Bali.

Amazingly Tasty Food

The food in Bali is not comparable to any other part of the world. There are so many options, but all include yummy and fresh vegetables blended with a variety of spices that will make your mind blow. Vegans love to eat in Bali but there are many options for everyone, what is sure is that you’ll be eating healthy and tasty food everywhere in Bali. The interesting combination of flavors from China and India has given rise to a variety of dishes so delicious that you’ll crave them when you’re not in Bali.

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Stunning Waterfalls

If you’re a nature-lover, Bali will not let you down. There are so many options for exploring nature, and the many waterfalls are for sure a good one. Reaching them is an experience in itself since you’ll have to walk through the beautiful green. lush forests which will make you wonder if you’re dreaming or not.

Discover Bali’s Religious Traditions

As mentioned before, Bali is incredibly rich in culture and it contains the highest percentage of Hinduist of Balinese Hinduism. Traditions are rooted in the people and as a visitor, it is particularly interesting to get to see different rituals and ceremonies. Numerous temples and worship places are worth to visit in Bali. Not only they are iconic and scenic in their location, but they might also awake some of your hidden spirituality in you!

The list of reasons why you should visit Bali might continue for longer, as the island has a unique vibe and natural setting as well as traditions and the friendliness of the local people that make it a real paradise which you will not want to leave: Bali is waiting for you what are you waiting for?


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