8 Baby Care Tips For New Moms


Baby’s arrival in this world is a pleasurable moment for you as well as your partner. As you have become a mom for the first time so you may be unaware of how to properly take care of your baby. In this article, I have shared with you’ll some baby care tips that may be helpful to you anytime.

Baby Care Tips

Newborns are very delicate, and so have to be given special attention in their initial stage after birth.

1. Create a bond

Baby’s can feel their mom’s touch even if they can’t speak. With your loving touch, they can feel your love and security for them. Even the newborns try to connect with you in their way, so you can talk to them or sing a song by gently moving your hand on their stomach.

2. Baby cues

As babies can’t speak verbally, so they tell you about what they feel with the help of some signals. To understand their cues, you must have a strong bond with them, so you can come to know what are they trying to tell you.

3. Breastfeeding

For the newborns, your breastmilk is the only food that can make them healthy. You must always sit in a comfortable posture while you feed your baby. Also, observe your baby’s position and try to sit in a way that makes your baby easy to suck the milk. Your baby’s mouth should be parallel to your nipples, and his head should be slightly tilted backward.

4. Medications and vaccinations

Newborns are susceptible and prone to allergies and infections. So you should give them the medicines prescribed by the doctor at the proper time before and after feeding. Also, various vaccinations are available for babies, to protect them all types of diseases and infections. Ask best pediatrician the date for the vaccinations, so you don’t miss it.

5. Bathing

Baby’s skin contains all the essential oils required for moisturizing the skin. So it is suggested not to bathe your baby daily as this can wash out all the essential oils from the body. To maintain hygiene, you can sponge bath your baby with warm water. Avoid using harsh soaps and shampoos on the baby as this can irritate their skin. Also, after bathing, pat dry your baby instead of hardly rubbing his skin.

6. Putting baby to sleep

Babies require 16 hours of sleep in a day. When your baby is tired, he will become cranky and may cry a lot. While putting your baby to sleep, you can carry him by placing his head on your shoulder and then pat his back gently. Or you can lay your baby on his back and slowly pat his stomach. With your gentle touch, your baby will feel secure and feel relaxed while sleeping.

7. Diapering

To maintain hygiene, we put diapers to the baby. But putting diapers for a long time, especially the dirty ones, can cause rashes and irritation to your baby’s skin. So you should immediately change the diaper when your baby poops or pees. Also, if you are changing the diapers frequently and still see the rashes, then try another brand. And even after changing if you see the rashes, then consult the pediatrician.

8. Holding your baby

Newborns can’t balance their neck, so while holding your baby or when picking your baby from the cradle, place your one hand below the neck and one hand on his bottom. There are various ways in which you can hold your baby like the shoulder hold, cradle hold, football hold, face to face hold, and lap hold. You can opt for any position you find comfortable for holding your baby.

Motherhood is an overwhelming experience for every mom and a little bit of nervousness if it’s your first time. So these were some tips for the new moms to take care of their baby in an appropriate way. If you found it helpful, then do share these tips with other moms too.

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Hi! I’m Shruti, a mom of a toddler. I like to spend my whole day around my baby and helping other moms through my blogs. I love to write on topics like Baby Skin Care Routine, Parenting and Pregnancy that are helpful to other mommas to nurture their child appropriately.


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