Top 10 Tallest People in History


Height is always being an attractive part of an individual’s personality. It gives them a different and makes people look stand out from commoners. Height is not only important for looks but there is some other important aspect which makes height Important for getting the right physical health.

Imagine Yourself, one of the tallest person in the world, Well, that feeling is not that easy to define. Did you ever imagine or know who is the tallest person in history? What was his country? How do they survive? What was his height?

In this article, you will have the answer to all these questions.This is about giving you the list of the tallest man in history. This list includes the only name of those who have verified by an authorized person in imperial feet and meters.

Read on for the 10 tallest recorded people in history. Let’s have a look:

S. No. Name Metric Imperial Birth year Country
1 Robert Wadlow 272 cm 8 ft 11.1 in 1918 USA
2 John Rogan 267 cm 8 ft 9 in 1868 United States
3 TrintjeKeever 254 cm 8 ft 4 in 1616 Netherlands
4 VainoMyllyrinne 251.4 cm 8 ft 3 in 1909 Finland
5 Edouard Beaupre 251 cm 8 ft 3 in 1881 Canada
6 Sultan Kosen 251 cm 8 ft 2.8 in 1982 Turkey
7 Don Koehler 249 cm 8 ft 2 in 1925 USA
8 Zeng Jinlian 248 cm 8 ft 1 ¾ in 1964 China
9 Patrick Cotter O’Brien 246 cm 8 ft 1 in 1760 Ireland
10 Gabriel EstevaoMontane 246 cm 8 ft 1 in 1944 Mozambique


These are the list of top 10 tallest people.


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