8 Small Business Ideas to Start in Italy

Small Business Ideas

The year 2021 is the best time to start a small business in Italy or any other part of the world and kick your 9 am to 5 pm to the curb.

Italy is great from an economic point of view. Back in 2019, it had the 8th largest economy in the world and fourth large in Europe. The industries that significantly contribute to the GDP of the country include automobile, fashion, industry, manufacturing, agriculture, and tourism. It’s also a leader in manufacturing wines just like Charter Spectrum is a leader in selling internet and cable Spectrum packages.

Italy has a diversified economy. If you are searching for a selling small business idea to start in the country, these are some options:

1. Become a Makeup Artist

Makeup artists who can correct imperfections and highlight the positive attributes of others are high in demand in Italy. Whether it’s doing a photoshoot for an even or a photoshoot or applying prosthetics, this local business is high in demand. To start this business, you must be a talented artist. So long as you have got loyal clients, the potential to earn is great!

2. Open a Barber Shop

A barber’s shop is another business with lots of earning potential. You can open a shop anywhere. It can be a kiosk, a room, or a cubicle. The only exception is you must be really good at the job and customers will start coming. Your job would be to style, groom, cut, dress, and shave hair.

3. Sell Beauty Supplies

Just because you are not a great makeup artist or you can’t cut hair, doesn’t mean you can’t start a business in the beauty industry. Open a beauty supply store!

Depending on the scale of the business, you must have startup capital. If you have in-demand products at a reasonable price, nothing can stop your clientele from expanding. Within a short period, your business will grow. Keep on reinvesting the profits for better results.

4. Open a Body Piercing Studio

People in Italy are huge fans of body piercing. If you have the capital, open a body piercing studio. Solid planning is pertinent to launch the business and stand out from the crowd. To grab the attention of your prospects, good marketing is imperative.

5. Start a Coffee Café

It’s easy to start a small coffee café at the corner of a busy street or a mobile shop without significant investment. Just make sure the location you choose is a busy place. On the other hand, if you choose a mobile coffee shop, the location doesn’t matter because you will be on the go, much like a food truck business.

6. Sell Fruits and Vegetables

This is the type of business you can’t go wrong within Italy. People consume various types of fruits and veggies daily. This is a profitable venture if you choose a good location and know how to source the rarest and fresh fruits and vegetables.

7. Open a Flower Shop

The Italians love flowers. The market for fresh and artificial flowers has continued to soar for generations. Special events, burials, weddings, etc. require flowers. Their demand is never-ending. Some people even live to exchange flowers for no obvious reason.

Therefore, this simple yet effective business idea could be your best. Source flowers from the right place, rent a small shop, and start selling beautiful flowers.

8. Open a Cocktail Bar

Do your friends say you have good taste in cocktail drinks? Then open a cocktail bar! The market for a cocktail bar is huge as well.

Italians appreciate cocktail drinks. You may start with a small investment to begin with and once everything goes well, reinvest in your business to boost your profits.


Are you ready to be a business owner? Great!

Do market research, pick a selling business idea with great potential, arrange capital, and get started.

Starting a business puts you in control of everything and gives you the freedom you have always wanted. I left my day job to peruse my dream business in the USA. It improved by the financial situation (because of which I can now afford Spectrum mobile plans) and become my own boss.


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