Simple Touches and Fancy Results

Simple Touches

One of the easiest ways to make a home feel welcoming and personal is by adding simple touches. They’re easy to execute, inexpensive, and help set your home apart from others.
With some creativity and design skills, there’s no limit to what you can come up with. You could try an extensive collection of photos in frames. It is one of the best ways to add personality to a space. Large images extending across a wall’s width and length instantly inject life into a room.

Simple Touches That Won’t Cost a Fortune

1. Beautiful barn door handles on sliding doors

Sliding barn doors are the new craze in home décor. They can add so much to a room and are easy to install. You can also find some barn door handles to add even more character to a room. Make them something beautiful and unique, like iron handles that have an intricate design.

2. Great chandelier for an entryway

There are many beautiful options for chandeliers in homes, not just in entryways. Check out this living room where the chandelier is a focal point. Although the ceiling is high, it’s still a lovely space to add charm to your home.

3. Add wallpaper to walls in a very inexpensive way

If you can paint, you can add some pretty wallpapers. Use your imagination to come up with some unique patterns and styles. It doesn’t need to be expensive. The gallery below is one of many you can find online for free or just a few dollars.

4. A unique look with art

Finding and choosing art for your home is an easy way to add character and style. You can find great artwork online from galleries, local stores, and, of course, Amazon. Don’t be afraid to push the envelope. The below piece takes a bold look and works in this location.

5. Reach for the stars

This quote is an excellent example of something that can transform a space without costing a fortune. It’s easy to find cheap but friendly prints on Etsy or at most local businesses that sell home décor products.

6. Recessed lights in kitchen cabinets

These are a great way to achieve a clean look for no extra cost. They’re affordable and add so much light to the kitchen. Plus, the modern design is a great way to set itself apart from others like it.

7. Add a beautiful throw pillow to a sofa or chair

It is a great way to add a specific touch of color or texture anywhere in your home. You can purchase new pillows in many different patterns and styles, but if you’re not looking for any new furniture, just adding one new pillow can give your space instant personality. It’s also an inexpensive way to add warmth and style!

8. Sculptural elements on the wall drapes

Try adding accessories to your throw pillows if you’re looking for more of a sculptural element. These curtains have a unique and exciting design element. The metallic, geometric shapes stand out against the white wall, but they also add texture where there is otherwise not much.

9. Reclaimed wood and other unusual items to achieve a cool look

Give new life to wood. Bring some into your bedroom to create an exciting design that won’t cost much money or time. It is an excellent way of making your bedroom feel both professional and stylish at the same time.

10. Decorate a picture frame with something unique

Anything painted or carved into a picture frame can be used as a unique decorating idea, whether it’s something simple like paint or elaborate like a sequoia tree branch. The possibilities are endless, and you can find plenty of examples online to get you inspired.

These are some simple touches you can add to a home that won’t cost a fortune. Also, it’s important to note that the above gallery is just a tiny sample of the possibilities. Thanks for looking! It’s going to be a great year. Keep looking for great decor ideas.


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