5 Signs That Your Ducted Air Conditioner Needs Servicing

Ducted Air Conditioner

Do you have a ducted air conditioner installed in your home? If yes, do you keep it regularly maintained?

While making sure your air conditioning system undergoes regular servicing is crucial to keep its efficiency at a maximum, there are times when you do not need to wait for its scheduled maintenance to have it serviced.

In this article, you will discover the signs that your ducted air conditioner needs to be serviced. But before that, let us discuss the reasons why you should never forego a ducted air conditioning service.

Why does your ducted air conditioner need servicing?

Ducted air conditioners are among the most complex types of air conditioning systems. Just like other air conditioners, they also make great climate control solutions as they let cool and clean air enter your home and keep you comfortable even during the peak of summer. What sets ducted air conditioners apart from the rest is that with them, you can regulate the temperature of each area in your home. They are also relatively more discreet and efficient, allowing you to have greater savings on your electric bill in the long run.

Since you cannot afford to see your ducted aircon break down during the summer, you need to ensure your unit undergoes regular servicing. Not only will it help extend its life, but it will also ensure that your aircon will continue to function well for a long time. Servicing also optimizes the efficiency of your unit so it does not work too hard to give you the temperature that you need.

What are the signs that your system needs to be serviced?

Regular maintenance is crucial to maintaining the health of your ducted aircon system—but there are times when your unit will exhibit issues that require immediate attention. Some of them include:

Unusual sounds and bad smell

Hearing mysterious sounds from your unit is one telltale sign that your aircon needs some servicing. Usually, these are signs of faulty wiring insulation or mold growth inside your unit, so it is best to contact a technician to address the issue as immediately as possible. If you hear unusual sounds from your system, turn off your system right away and do not use it until an HVAC professional determines the underlying problem.

Leaking ductwork

Ducted air conditioners used domestically usually feature ducts made from plastic or rubber. These materials are usually less durable compared to those used in commercial aircon systems, so they develop punctures over time. This issue requires immediate attention, as this can shorten the lifespan of your system. Punctures and tears in ducts also often lead to corrosion, which may cause your system to completely fail.

Limited airflow

If you feel that your ducted air conditioning system is not circulating enough air throughout your home, then that is a sign that your unit needs servicing. Limited airflow is usually caused by blocked filters or ductwork, which come as a result of dirt and other particles accumulating in the vents of your unit. This may also be caused by a faulty compressor.

Taking too long to cool

If you have a ducted aircon installed in your home, then the reason is probably that you want cool air distributed evenly throughout your home. Ducted air conditioners usually take a short while to provide cool air, so if yours is taking longer than usual to cool your home, then there might be a problem with your system. Such deficiencies are usually caused by inadequate supply ducts, which can only be fixed by a certified air conditioning professional.

No cool air at all

What is worse than a unit that is taking too long to cool is one that does not release cool air at all. If you feel that the air coming from the vents of your unit is warm, then that is a sign that something is wrong with your compressor. If the issue is not with the compressor, it might be because the freon level of your unit is too low. This is something that only an HVAC professional can fix, so do not wait for the issue to worsen before you have your unit get the service it deserves.


Your ducted air conditioner is one of your most expensive investments for your home, so it is important that you have it serviced regularly. If you think something is wrong with your system, call an air conditioning specialist right away. Knowing the signs that your ducted air conditioner needs servicing is crucial to keeping your system running efficiently throughout its lifetime.


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