Busting Common Misconceptions About Hemp

Misconceptions About Hemp

The Agricultural Improvement Act-2018 or the Farm Bill had done much for the cannabis industry, with many states in the US legalizing cannabis to a large extent. Nevertheless, there are still some common misconceptions surrounding hemp, and they need to be busted as the masses should be able to make an informed decision.

CBD derived from blue hemp is perfectly safe for use when acquired from a reputed source and when taken under the guidance of a doctor or a therapist who knows about alternate medicine. Here are some common misconceptions.

1. Misconception 1

Hemp Does Not Provide Any Relief

There is a common misconception that hemp does not provide any real relief. Instead, the cannabidiol numbs the pain by trying to shut the pain off. It is indicated that there is no real concrete evidence that hemp can help with anything. However, this is not accurate. The FDA has approved a CBD-based medication because it was scientifically proven to help with seizures and muscle spasms. The clinical trials were very successful, which led to the FDA approval.

2. Misconception 2

No Research Conducted on Hemp as it is a Narcotic

In the US, hemp, along with some other cannabis, was once considered a Schedule 1 narcotic. However, the claim that no research has been conducted on it is not true. It was initially challenging to conduct hemp research, but many universities and research facilities have successfully published papers on their research. It is also available for public review. It is known to be effective against certain kinds of cancer cells like glioblastoma that can otherwise only be cured through chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and surgery, proving extensive research has been conducted.

3. Misconception 3

Hemp is Just a Marketing Tool

Another common misconception is that hemp has no real benefits, and it is just something that the wellness industry uses to increase its profits. It is entirely untrue as hemp-derived CBD has shown remarkable results in patients dealing with pain and inflammation related to arthritis. It is also known to relieve stress and regularize sleep patterns and relieve many kinds of skin ailments like psoriasis.

4. Misconception 4

Hemp Does Not Show Quick Results

Those claiming that hemp does not show quick results forget that it is not a pharmaceutical medicine that can have an immediate effect. How hemp works on different individuals is entirely a matter of physiology and the condition they are trying to treat.

The dose, the timing of the day, the person’s age, the body’s resistance capacity to cannabis are some other factors to be taken into account. Simply consuming hemp-derived CBD on generic referrals rather than on any real medical consultation will not yield any result for most people.

Hemp is now grown extensively in the US on farms that comply with federal regulations. While buying blue hemp-derived wellness products, make sure the manufacturer and distributors are licensed, and the products have undergone third-party testing. With medical guidance, you will find hemp can provide you with relief against many ailments and improve your quality of life as a whole.


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