10 E-scooter Safety Tips


An electric scooter is a plug-in electric car with two or three wheels. The demand for electric scooters has risen during the last few years. Many people, from kids to teenagers and adults, operate electric scooters for traveling and fun. While they are exciting to ride, they can cause a menace to their users. Below are safety tips every user is supposed to know while using an electric scooter.

1. Pay attention to your surroundings

Always be on the lookout on the road and observe your locale for pedestrians, barriers and traffic as it is easier to lose focus while on a stunt scooter. Observe traffic rules while safeguarding against infested areas.

2. Assess the tires

Checking on the tires before a ride can be of help in ensuring your security at the time that you are outside. You can also educate others on how to inspect the tires, like the outside look and its pressure.

3. Put on standardized safety equipment

Always put on a helmet that will shield your head, knee, and elbow straps in case you tip over, and gloves too will help to improve your grip. All these are necessary as some accidents cannot be avoided even after every precaution has been taken.

4. Don’t use a scooter during lightning storms

In case of lightning storms, you have to completely avoid using a scooter because lightning is very dangerous and can kill you.

5. Avoid slithery surfaces

Slippery surfaces like metal tops, wet streets, marble tiles and sidewalks that are muddy make it hard for tires to hold your scooter, causing accidents. Exercise extra caution when on a scooter and maintain a minimum speed when riding on wet paths.

6. Be on the lookout for barriers

Some potholes and bumps are not visible, and they are among the major reasons for scooter accidents. Always be cautious and maintain your focus; carefully keep away from the barriers and slow down or stop if need be. Be conscious of puddles that appear harmless but can be very dangerous.

7. Maintain both hands on the handle

Every time electric scooter riders get cocksure while riding, they may want to use their phone or do something on the one hand, which is extremely dangerous. Constantly use your hands to help you make necessary adjustments that create a balance.

8. Slow down first before turning

You may lose your steadiness as your body weight shifts and focus change while turning. To reduce the risk while turning or looking back, always reduce your speed, which will make it easier to maintain balance on the scooter and in case you fall, the impact won’t be serious.

9. Check your electric scooter occasionally

E-scooters need maintenance every other time, just like other motor-powered cars, as riding causes wear and tear. Even though it may be plug-and-play from the box, it will need someone to take care of it properly.

10. Install good lights

Lighting is very important for proper lighting in places with poor visibility. You will always need to see the road when riding at night and be visible to others.


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