The Safety Value of Driver Education and Training

Driver Education and Training

We all spend a significant part of every day driving. The downside is that as we get used to driving all the time, we can develop bad habits that often go unchecked. While you might not notice them, they can quickly get you in trouble or even lead to an accident. These could even stem from your first driving test, where issues haven’t been properly corrected.

Unfortunately, driving safety studies have shown that standardized tests don’t help make you a safe driver. Since the goal of most people is only to get their license, safety training is one of the last things they’ll remember.

Current driver education and training programs aren’t personalized for each student. For example, someone who already has driving experience will find little use in a basic driving license test.

Despite this, the safety value of these courses can’t be understated. While there’s room for improvement, they still provide many drivers with the building blocks of basic road safety.

Many people can also forget about basic driving safety procedures later in life. Of course, no one wants to be the cause of an accident because of a simple mistake. Extra driver education and training are valuable options you can use to ensure your driving ability remains safe.

Benefits of Driver Education and Training

Aside from gaining your license, there are many benefits to driver education and training, no matter your experience level. Safe drivers are less likely to pick up bad habits which could lead to common offenses like traffic tickets.

Of course, driver education and training courses are helpful even in these situations. Online traffic courses, for example, are online tests that can refresh and improve your driving abilities. Courts can even dismiss your ticket if you opt into an online traffic school like YourPace. These only take a few hours and have immense safety value for any driver.

Another advantage to these online tests is lower insurance premiums. Insurance companies will charge you less if you are willing to take steps to become a safer driver.

Improving Driver Education and Training

It’s essential to improve driver education and training to offer drivers, especially new ones, the safety value they need. There are several factors that affect how much you can benefit from further instruction.

Less Focus on License Acquisition

While all tests need a way to prove a student has passed, many new drivers don’t focus on information that won’t help them get their license. This can lead to people only remembering the specific tested procedures. The general driving safety tips needed to be a good motorist are usually ignored.

Follow-up Tests

One idea is to implement extra instruction after the initial test. This could be anything from an online course to more hours in the vehicle. Either of these would let drivers focus on road safety without worrying about passing a test.


There’s no doubt that the safety value of driver education and training is crucial to preventing violations or accidents. Despite this, there are many ways to improve your skills behind the wheel aside from the basic driving test. Online traffic schools and extra lessons are a few of the options you have. Incorporating these into the standard licensing process could lead to safer motorists and a better focus on responsible driving.


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