iTop VPN: The Top-Notch Free VPN in 2022

Free VPN in 2021

As we all know, VPN allows you to unblock restricted apps or websites, also protecting your privacy while using a public Wi-Fi hotspot. It also aids in the encryption of the network and the concealment of your IP address through the use of a military-grade private tunnel. iTop VPN is such a free VPN for Windows existing on numerous platforms, the fastest, most secure, and unlimited bandwidth network that ensures you to access the internet without restriction. Read along to know more about it.

Why iTop VPN?

Below are some vital reasons why iTop VPN should be your first choice:

Unlimited bandwidth top

iTop VPN offers fast net speed without any fair use policy. With the help of this benefit, your internet speed after the limit is crossed.

Hide your IP address

iTop VPN permits you to mask your IP address. Once you are connected with the VPN, the IP server on display will be of some other location but not of your own. This works as a perfect technique to hide your activity online.

Online streaming

Due to many whys and wherefores, there can be situations when you will be unable to access some content on streaming apps. For instance, Netflix and other apps are region-based. Sometimes, we can’t access some movies on the app, and it says, “Not available in your region.” In this case, iTop VPN can help you.

Best encryption

iTop VPN supports military-grade encryption, which is the best in class. It is a high speed and encrypts your data so well that the security will never be an issue with it.

No log policy

iTop VPN will never sell your information to advertisers and will not track or save it. The data is always safe and encrypted well.

Worldwide servers

iTop VPN supports many worldwide locked servers. After installing the VPN, many restrictions can be bypassed, including Netflix, gaming, and much more. The worldwide servers offer a wider choice to unlock the content online in many ways.

Have access to restricted websites

iTop VPN can help you have access to all the restricted websites in your area. A maximum of the websites is not available in our region. These restrictions can be crossed with the help of this free VPN very easily.

Simple user interface

iTop VPN is a user-friendly application. The process of installation is fairly simple. Linking iTop VPN is very easy for any of the servers around the world.

Pricing and obtainability

iTop VPN is also obtainable on any of the Android and iOS devices. That means you can use a VPN on any of the devices, be it android or iOS. It has both the free of cost and paid models available. The free version offers limited basic features. If you want extra, then the subscription needs to be bought.

New Features in the Updated VPN Version

  • It offers a new feature added which is known as an IP checker in the iTop VPN.
  • It comes with a new, better-quality steady connection and speed in the new version.
  • It will effortlessly fix extra known bugs instantly.
  • It has added some advanced network protocols in the updated version.

A VPN is a must-have tool as cybercrime is growing in today’s world. iTop VPN is the best free VPN available in the market that fits all the requirements with its advanced features. Just feel free to try it out!


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