7 Ways to Prevent Cockroaches and Other Insects Appearance in Your House


Cockroaches are insects that can show up almost anywhere. Even if you keep your house perfectly clean, it doesn’t mean you are 100% safe from any pest infestation. Therefore, you have to be armed up and aware of how to prevent your apartment from unpleasant guests like ants, tick bugs, or spiders as well. Check out these top 7 rules to secure your property and yourself.

Why Do Pests Appear in People’s Mansions?

Insects that wound up in the house do not appear out of nowhere. For example, it is believed that if you found cockroaches in your home, then you might be a bad proprietor. Of course, the risk of pest invasion is associated with cleanliness, but it also happens that in a perfectly tidy apartment.

Mosquito Nets & Ventilation System

Most often, cockroaches and insects enter the apartment through a window or ventilation holes. I recommend you to use mosquito nets. Place them both on the windows and all ventilation openings in your residence for the best effect.

Cover the Sewer Pipes

Cockroaches can move quite quickly from apartment to apartment. Especially quickly, they manage to visit you if you live in an apartment house with a general sewer pipe. To avoid the appearance of insects, make sure the sewer riser is wholly covered.

Caution: Don’t forget about plastic panels. When making repairs, do yourself a favor and don’t use plastic panels, as unwanted “residents” can settle behind them. Stretch ceilings, skirting boards with a large gap are also included in the places where cockroaches are most likely to appear.

Insect Traps

Traps or pest baits are a must-have in battling and avoiding insect infestation. Use professional gels or glue traps, or try making a DIY eco pest treatment. By the way, you can also check the Pest Control Hacks site for more information about pest extermination means.

Keeping the House Clean

Make sure you take out the trash daily, wash the floor using special products, and keep your kitchen clean. Even if your house-cleaning routine isn’t the most crucial pest preventing factor, it is better to know that you did everything possible to stay insect-free.

No Water in the Sinks

Do yourself a favor and get used to checking if there’s water left in the bathroom or kitchen sinks every night. Since a lot of cockroaches are “liquidphiles”, they can visit you while searching for water resources. Also, to avoid this, you can use oils, as cockroaches are afraid of many smells. The easiest way is to use eucalyptus oil, dried anise grass, or mint leaves. It is enough to apply a few drops on cotton pads and spread them indoors. But you have to remember that oils are dangerous for pets, and especially for cats.

This article is provided by Nicholas Martin, the pest control consultant and leading writer of Pestcontrolhacks.


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