5 Reasons Why Your Pet Needs Grooming On A Regular Basis


Pet Grooming plays a key role in keeping your pet looking great, happy and most importantly healthy. Grooming your pet regularly mainly helps in early detection of medical issues related to ears, skin, teeth and more.

It is highly recommended to hire professional groomers on a monthly basis, as they come equipped with the right knowledge and skills. They often offer personalized grooming services for your pet as well.

You should groom your pet on a regular basis for these 5 reasons:

1. Boosts Socializing

Regular grooming helps the pet become accustomed to being touched by another person other than his owner, in case of professional groomers. Brushing your pet’s coat and petting him, makes him feel loved and secure. De-tangling hair, removing any debris from the coat, trimming the nails teaches him to keep calm and still while the grooming care is being given to him. Performing these tasks weekly helps the pet in realizing that he is cared for deeply. Pet Spa Centers and Pet Salons are a great way for your pet to make new friends.

2. Controls Shedding

Every Pet Parent knows that shedding is a major issue in pets. Daily brushing, a bath every week with an organic shampoo helps to control shedding. Using a brush regularly stimulates oil producing glands in the pet’s skin that help keep it healthy and hanging on to hair. A trained grooming professional knows how to handle your pet depending on its breed and he will also advise you on the dos and don’ts of trimming your pet’s hair.

Fancy pet haircuts are a cool way to keep up with pet trends. A coat free of tangles and mats and a skin free of ticks and fleas are as comfortable to your canine as clean and fresh clothes are to you. It will make you feel great, and the effect is similar on your pet. If you have a family member who suffers from allergies, keeping your dog clean is essential.

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3. Early Detection of Medical Problems

Major veterinary bills can be avoided if you get your pet groomed regularly from a professional. The ears, eyes, teeth, neck, coat, skin, paws, anal gland may show signs of neglect and this may lead to major illnesses. Tear stains near your pet’s eyes could be because of excessive tear production from the eyes, improper drainage of the tears, or it could also be because of allergies, infections or glaucoma. A good home remedy that can be tried is to take a cloth dipped in some warm water and gently rub the stains with it. A regular ear clean-up is also important. You need to clean your pet’s ears at least once a week to prevent infections. Avoid using cotton swabs because these can be rough to their ears. Instead, use ear wipes. Gauze wrapped around your finger is also a good option. But if you want to use cotton balls, an ear rinse is important. Pour it over the cotton ball and use this to clean your pet’s ears.

To ensure cooperation from your dog or cat, consider rewarding them with healthy treats. If your pet is constantly suffering from anal gland problems, you must figure out if it is a soft stool issue, an allergic response, or an inflammatory response. Addressing the root cause of your pet’s discomfort is the best way to deal with this problem. Daily or weekly grooming sessions help to pay attention to your pet’s body and thorough checking keeps your pet in the best shape.

4. Dental Health

Regular tooth brushing and cleaning helps prevent gum disease in pets. Why do pets dental cleaning should be a made into a routine task? Good dental health keeps your pet’s overall mood and health happy. Dental cleaning by a professional keeps a track of your pet’s health in between vet check-ups. Bad breath, discolored teeth, plaque, tartar, red gums are signs of dental problems. The main factor for these conditions is bacteria. Dental sprays have the capacity to split the bacteria in the given environment without using anti-microbials, thus being safe for pets of all age groups. It also maintains normal micro flora of the oral cavity ensuring fresh breath of your pet.

5. Appearance

Tending to your pet’s appearance and getting it groomed regularly, helps in avoiding matted hair, nails that are too long and curled and other issues. In case you are too busy to groom your pet yourself, fix a grooming appointment with professional pet grooming services and let them pamper and take care of your pet. Massaging your pet also helps in stimulating the circulatory system and eliminating any stress factors. But you need to be aware of the pet’s muscle groups. A professional pet groomer comes in handy at these times.

Grooming your pet regularly also helps to strengthen the bond between you and your pet forever. Pets in a good condition spread positivity and happiness all round thus enhancing human health as well.


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